There was a time, not long ago, well by not long I really mean back when I was a kid, as opposed to back when my Father was a kid, that volunteering and giving was an expected part of social life. Times do change however, and the single income family became the two income family and the time and cash people used to donate for charitable causes just wasn’t as available as it had been in the past. I know, because I used to recruit volunteers for charity. A job that at one time was relatively easy became something increasingly more difficult. Charitable giving also changed with the two income family, you would think that two incomes would provide more opportunity to give from your resources, but the two income family actually had/has less surplus, less discretionary income, than the one income family. And it wasn’t just families affected, businesses also were affected by these changes, businesses became more wealthy but with less discretionary income.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 companies that go above and beyond the current norm and reach deep into their pockets to spread the joy of life to others. Keep in mind that many companies hide all or even a portion of their philanthropy, and figures are not always released or available for public consumption at the same time. Meaning that this list is based upon information available to us when it became available, in the most recent year it became available.

Number Ten: Alphabet $167.8 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

Alphabet is Google’s parent holding company

Number Nine: Bank of America $168.5 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

The second largest banking institution in the United States, after JPMorgan Chase

Number Eight: ExxonMobil $168.5 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

ExxonMobil is the seventh largest refiner in the world

Number Seven: Chevron $168.5 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

A a major global oil and energy conglomerate. Globally Chevron is the 61st largest public company in the world

Number Six: Goldman Sachs $168.5 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

New York-based investment giant

Number Five: Microsoft $169 million in cash donations ( 2017 )

Microsoft’s employees also raised $149 million in matched individual donations in 2017

Number Four: JPMorgan Chase $250 million in cash donations ( 2017 )

The largest banking institution in the United States

Number Three: Wells Fargo $286.5 million in cash donations ( 2017 )

The fourth largest bank in the US by total assets

Number Two: Walmart $301 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

Their employees are also contributed over a million hours of their own time in 2016

Number One: Gilead Sciences $446.7 million in cash donations ( 2015 )

An American biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Foster City, California that researches, develops and commercializes drugs

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