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10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Writing a Speech

Are you worried because of a speech that you’ll need to make soon? Do you feel puzzled about how to start and what steps to take? Or maybe you are thinking something like this: “Who can write my speech for me fast and professionally?” There are a lot of professional companies like CustomWritings which may provide you with speech writing services of the highest quality. You can easily get a custom-written speech from experts.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this blog post will help you to establish the direction.

It’s always smart to learn from mistakes that other people make, not on your own. It’s less painless. It saves you time. It saves you efforts and frustration. Don’t you agree?

Great! Now, let’s have a look at 10 most common mistakes people make when writing a speech.

Mistake #1 – Lack of Time for Writing a Good Speech
Writing a good speech as any kind of writing requires time. The biggest mistake that you can make is to procrastinate over getting down to writing your speech. Don’t put it off till the last moment, especially if you are about to write a speech for the first time.

Composing a great speech may take much more time than you may think. Before even writing a word, you should do in-depth research on your audience.

Mistake #2 – Not Knowing Well the Audience
It may seem obvious. However, a lot of people may miss this point.

To make your speech a success, you need to know your audience pretty well. Think of their interests, age, demographics, background, challenges. Here are 3 things that you can do to discover more about your audience:

  • do detailed research on the web 
  • have a call with 5-10 people who represent your audience 
  • meet in-person and talk with 5-10 people who represent your audience

It may seem too time-consuming and challenging. However, if you make all these steps, you’ll have tons of revelations.

Mistake #3 – Poor Style and Tone
Be very careful with the style and tone that you are going to use in your speech. They can make or break your whole presentation. That’s where in-depth research of your audience comes in handy.

If you take your time to do detailed research of your audience, you’ll know their interests, problems, and challenges perfectly well. It will help you understand what language resonates with them.

Thus, you’ll know exactly what style and tone to use for this particular audience to make a good impact on them.

Mistake #4 – Failing to Incorporate a Powerful Hook at the Beginning of Your Speech
With so much noise out there, nowadays it’s super important to be able to pick the interest of your audience as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to use a powerful hook that will raise their curiosity and make them listen to you very carefully.

Depending on your audience and the topic of your speech, you can hook them with some secret, interesting fact, story, pattern interrupt or curiosity loop.

Mistake #5 – Bad Sense of Humor
If you have a bad sense of humor, it’s better to avoid jokes at all. If it’s hard for you to evaluate whether your sense of humor is bad or not, you can ask your 3-5 friends to give you honest feedback.

The worst joke is a bad joke. So, if you feel dubious about incorporating jokes into your speech, avoid this.

Mistake #6 – Failing to Make a Speech Emotional and Motivational
When you are talking to your audience they expect to hear something motivational and inspiring.

Moreover, to create a deep bond with your audience you need to make your speech emotional.

For inspiration, feel free to check this speech by Martin Luther King. It’s considered to be one of the best speeches ever. For a reason.

Mistake #7 – Making It Too Long
If you want your audience to stay focused, be very concise in your speech. Don’t make it too long. Because chances are people may be bored if it’s too long. Keep it short and simple.

Mistake #8 – Stuffing Too Much Data into Your Speech
Backing your speech with some data may be good if it’s reasonable. Again, it depends on your audience and the topic of your speech.

However, even if you make your mind to use data to back up your claims in the speech, don’t overuse it. Otherwise, your speech may become boring and dull.

Mistake #9 – Failing to Include Good and Vivid Metaphors and Examples
If you want to make your speech stuck in the brains of your audience and resonate with people, you need to use bright metaphors and examples.

Metaphors can be very powerful if you use them properly in your speech.

Mistake #10 – Not Editing a Speech
This is a very common newbie mistake. Be it a speech, an essay, a blog post or any other piece of writing, always edit it. Edit it many times until you feel confident that it looks perfect.

Hopefully, now you’ll be able to avoid these 10 biggest mistakes while writing your speech.

Good luck!

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