I wish I could find my list of songs that I wanted to get…at one time I had an extensive list of songs, that I didn’t have, that I wanted to add to my collection. The problem with ‘ rare ‘ classic songs ( rock or other ) is that they are very hard to remember…unlike popular, extensively played, songs by groups like the Doors or Stones…just hearing one of their songs can remind you of the others. Rare songs, by contrast, you almost never hear played, some you might not have heard at all since they were first released…so, in many cases, all you’ve got is a vague memory of them.
In cases like this a list is very important, because, if nothing else, just seeing the name on a piece of paper can trigger your memory. I had so many great songs on that ‘ to get list ‘ that it’s sad I have no idea where it went.

I’ve tried my best not to duplicate the same artist and/or song on these pages but, as I’ve created several pages and abandoned alphabetical order, it’s possible that a duplicate slipped past me. So if you see one please tell me in a comment and I’ll correct it. Spanks!

Some of these are rare songs that never made the Top 40 ( but should have ), some are rare one-hit-wonders, and all of these are worth your time tracking down and adding to your collections.

If you like music, and have a fondness for the classic oldies, you won’t want to just read this and not follow up on these tunes.

Most of these you will never hear played on Classic Rock radio stations.

All of these songs I have played on my Blip Station at TheTAZZone

These tunes are spun in no particular order, so ignore the numbering.

100 Rare Classic Rock Songs 4

( by 100 different Artists )

1. The Neon Philharmonic – Morning Girl

2. The Hood – Cause We’re In Love ( Terry Jacks )

3. Rain – Out Of My Mind ( Charity Brown )

4. Bonnie Jo Mason – Ringo, I Love You ( This was Cher’s first solo recording which was under the name Bonnie Jo Mason )

5. Gunhill Road – Back When My Hair Was Short

6. Kensington Market – I would be the one

7. The Gainsborough Gallery – Life is a Song

8. The Willapuss Wallapuss – To Jone  ( on the Yorkville label )

9. Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On

10. The Orange Alabaster Mushroom – Tree Pie

11. Loved Ones – The Loved One

12. Roy Head – Treat Her Right!

13. Mashmakhan – As The Years Go By

14. Chris Farlowe – Handbags and Gladrags ( this song was written by Mike d’Abo – Manfred Mann – in 67′ and released by Farlowe in 67′ )

15. The Magic Lanterns – Shame Shame

16. Keith Hampshire – Big Time Operator

17. Hedgehoppers Anonymous – It’s Good News Week

18. Sweetwater – Why Oh Why

19. Quill – They Live the Life

20. Keef Hartley Band – Believe in You

21. Bert Sommer – Jennifer

22. White Bird- It’s A Beautiful Day

23. The Remains – Don’t Look Back ( on first list – different song )

24. Detroit Soul – All Of My Life

25. The Brymers – I Want to Tell You

26. The Quests – BTG and Scream Loud ( they had 14 original songs back in the 60’s and had several more that were never recorded )

27. Gerry Levene & The Avengers – Dr. Feelgood

28. The Spokesmen – The Dawn Of Correction ( This is the answer song to Eve of Destruction )

29. The Dovers – She’s Not Just Anybody

30. Phil & The Frantics – I’m High ( also on list 3 )

31. The Orfuns – The Animal In Me

32. 49th Parallel – Twilight Woman

33. The Sloths – Makin’ Love

34. Changin’ Times – How is the Air up There

35. The Other Half – I Need You

36. Atomic Rooster – Stand By Me ( also on 2nd list )

37. Middle of the Road – Samson and Delilah

38. Japan – Cantonese Boy

39. Berkley Five – You’re Gonna Cry

40. Cozy Powell – Dance With The Devil

41. The Smoke Ring – That Girl Was My Girl One Time

42. Voxmen – Time Won’t Change My Mind

43. Kitchen Cinq – Please Come Back To Me

44. Showaddywaddy – Heartbeat

45. The Street People – Jennifer Tomkins

46. XL’s – Mary Jane

47. Pentagram – When the Screams Come

48. Truth and Janey – Down the Road I Go

49. The Montage – I Shall Call Her Mary

50. Teddy and the Pandas – We Can’t Go On This Way

51. Children of the Mushroom – You Cant Erase A Mirror

52. The Night Crawlers – You Say (also appears in our first and third list )

53. The Sonics – Psycho ( also on first list )

54. Shiva’s Headband – My Baby

55. Mouse and The Traps – Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice ( also on our 2nd list )

56. The Luv’d Ones – You’ll Never Know

57. Count And The Colony – Can’t you see

58. Larry & The Blue Notes – In And Out

59. The Velvets – Let The Fool Kiss You

60. Mar-Vells – Go on and have Yourself a Ball

61. Joe Simon – Long Hot Summer

62. The Hangmen – What A Girl Can’t Do

63. April Fools – Things Go Better With You

64. Bloodstone – Natural High

65. DOA – Bloodrock

66. Candy And The Kisses – The 81

67. Wildfire – Stars In the Sky

68. The Stone Garden – Oceans Inside me

69. Linda And The Funky Boys – Climbing The Steps Of Love

70. The Nobody’s Children – Girl I Need You

71. Bojax – Go Ahead And Go ( also on first list )

72. The Paragons – Abba

73. Proctor Amusement Co. – Heard you went Away

74. The Rising Tides – I’m Crying

75. The Escapades – I Tell No Lies

76. King’s Ransom – Shadows of Dawn

77. The Merriday Park — It All Comes Back To Me

78. Euphorias Id – The Joker

79. Terry Dean & the Nitebeats – If I can

80. The Galaxies IV – Don’t Lose Your Mind

81. The Trees – Your Life

82. The Emperors – I want my Woman

83. Jackson Investment Co. – What can I Do

84. Chicken Shack – Tears In The Wind

85. Better Half Dozen – I Could Have Loved Her

86. The Soup Greens – That’s Too Bad

87. The Trend – Shot on Sight

88. Framework – The Direction

89. Tiaras – I’m Gonna Forget You

90. The Rouges – You Better Look Now

91. Jim Doval & The Gaucho’s – Mama Keep Yo Big Mouth Shout

92. The Chylds – Grey Days

There were tons of funny classic tunes that came out of the 60’s and 70’s, like Ray Stevens ( The Streak ), Clovers ( Love Potion #9 ), and Boris Pickett ( Monster Mash ), you hear all the time on Classic Oldies Radio. Then there were a lot of ones that got less air-time, or none at all…I personally think these are the cream of the crop of those harder-to-find funny classics.

93. Dana Lyons – Cows With Guns

94. Clean Living – In Heaven There Is No Beer


96. Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie

97. Alfred E. Neuman – It’s A Gas

98. Transfusion – Nervous Norvus

99. The Chips – Rubber Biscuit

100. Julie Brown – Cause I’m A Blonde

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  1. Once this hazy summer nostalgia trip ends, you come to your senses and realize the majority of the genre is tired, played-out crap. The following is but a sample of some of the songs that could be stricken from the airwaves and we d all be better off for it.

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  3. Hiya Dick Lee,

    Love the song, and play it often on my Blip station, exposing a whole new generation to the great songs that they’ll never hear on Classic Oldies Top 40 radio, and hopefully that will translate into renewed interest in your group and a few extra sales for you. Been thinking of focusing this site into a primary music site or creating a new one for music and would love to interview you at some point in the future.


  4. Many thanks for including The Brymers classic track of “I Want To Tell You” (1966) on your “Rare Classic Rock songs” list. The Brymers have released four CD’s since 2007 and have over 110 recorded tracks in our music catalog. But, “I Want To Tell You” still remains one of my favorite songs that we ever recorded.
    Keep up the passion for the 60’s sound and rock on!
    Dick Lee

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