To re-cap from our first list of 100 Rare Classic Rock Songs:

Many times good to excellent songs get passed up for a variety of reasons…for instance Decca once sent the Beatles a rejection letter saying that in their opinion they didn’t like their sound and guitar music was on it’s way out. Sometimes it’s a matter of not having the right connections, or not catching the eye ( ear ) of the right DJ who will give you the air-time.

If all you ever listen to is Top 40 pop radio, or Top 40 classic rock radio, chances are you’ve never even heard of most of these, and that’s too bad, because there’s really some great songs out there that never get played by commercial radio that caters to their advertisers and not the music.

Well…if you come from the 60’s or 70’s generation, or are a hard-core classic rock lover, some of these you might remember, and many you will remember if you listen to them, and many that you don’t remember but should listen to.

Some of these are rare songs that never made the Top 40 ( but should have ), some are rare one-hit-wonders, and all of these are worth your time tracking down and adding to your collections.

If you like music, and have a fondness for the classic oldies, you won’t want to just read this and not follow up on these tunes.

Most of these you will never hear played on Classic Rock radio stations.

All of these songs I have played on my Blip Station at TheTAZZone

These tunes are spun in no particular order, so ignore the numbering.

100 Rare Classic Songs 2

( by 100 different Artists )

1. The Love Affair – A Day Without Love

2. Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists – Cool Aid

3. The Sunrays – I Live For The Sun ( often mistaken for a Beach Boys tune )

4. Leaf Hound – Growers Of Mushroom

5. Riot – Rock City

6. Tapiman – Hey You

7. Gerry Levene & The Avengers – Dr. Feelgood

8. Noel Harrison – Windmills Of Your Mind ( contributed by wembleyrocks )

9. The Chairmen of the Board – Give Me Just A Little More Time

10. The Jynx – How

11. Gravestone – Corinne

12. May Blitz – Honey Coloured Time

13. Weed – Sweet Morning Light

14. Fire – Could You Understand Me ( this group was from Yugoslavia but moved and was produced out of Holland )

15. Fire – Father’s Name Is Dad ( not the same group ‘ Fire ‘ as before, this group Fire hails from the UK )

16. Moxy – Cause There’s Another

17. Lightshine – Sword In The Sky

18. Sarcofagus – Envoy of Death

19. Vinegar – Sawmill Teil II

20. Stone Harbour – Working for the Queen

21. Salem Mass – Witch Burning

22. Faithful Breath – Stick in your eyes

23. Hand of Doom – There Ain’t No Running Away

24. Iron Claw – Pavement Artist

25. Trettioariga Kriget – Metamorfoser

26. Space Opera – Holy River

27. XTC – This Is Pop?

28. Mike McGear – The Man Who Found God on the Moon ( Paul McCartney’s younger brother who went by Mike McGear and was backed by the Wings…Mike McCartney was also a part of The Scaffold – Lily The Pink in the early 60’s as Mike Blank then as Mike McGear…and in the 70’s was also a part of Grimms – The Worst Is Yet To Come which was an acronym for Gorman, Roberts, Innes, McGear, McGough, and Stanshall )

29. The Presidents – 5-10-15-20-25-30 Years Of Love

30. Conqueroo – 04 1 to 3

31. The Remains – Don’t look Back

32. Crucibles – You Know I Do

33. The Sons of May – Morning Dew (And The Light Turned Red)

34. Robin & The Three Hoods -That’s Tuff

35. The Grains of Sand – Going Away Baby

36. The Goldebriars – Sea of Tears

37. Applejacks – Like Dreamers Do

38. The Poets – That’s The Way It’s Got To Be

39. Chips & Co. – Let The Winds Blow

40. Big Mama Thorton – Hound Dog

41. Bonzo Dog Band (Rutles) – Give Booze a Chance

42. The Third Bardo – Im Five Years Ahead Of My Time

43. The 13th Floor Elevators – Roller Coaster

44. Yellow Balloon – Yellow Balloon

45. Christopher – Dark Road

46. Glass Prism – The Raven

47. Somebody’s Children – I’m Going Back To New York City

48. Juicy Lucy – Who Do You Love

49. Armaggedon – Round

50. Sedate Sunshine Colony – The Word Is Free

51. The Knaves – The Girl I Threw Away

52. The One Way Streets – We all love Peanut Butter

53. The Wee Four – Weird

54. The Cavemen – Mustang Sally

55. The Glitter Band – Alone Again

56. New York Groove – Hello

57. Human Expression – Calm Me Down

58. Patty Duke – Don’t Just Stand There

59. The Palace Guard – Falling Sugar

60. Ugly Things – Je Cherche

61. The Other Half – Flight of The Dragon Lady

62. The Sons Of Adam – Baby Show The World

63. The Fun N Games – The Grooviest Girl In The World

64. Bulldog Breed – Halo In My Hair ( a rare bonus track off their album BULLDOG BREED – Made In England )

65. Cathedral – 01 – Introspect [1 of 2]

66. Christmas – Zenith / Rise Up

67. Bedemon – Child of Darkness

68. Black Widow – In Ancient Days

69. Atomic Rooster – Death Walks Behind You

70. Starz – Cherry Baby

71. 5000 Volts – I’m on Fire

72. The Woolies – Who Do You Love

73. The Mauds – You Don’t Know Like I Know

74. Misanthropes – Why do you treat me so bad

75. The 8th Day – You’ve Got To Crawl (Before You Walk)

76. Four Jacks and a Jill – Master Jack

77. Paris Sisters – I love How You Love Me

78. Mouse & The Traps – A Public Execution ( a Dylan parody group )

79. Johnny Kidd & The Pirates – Jealous Girl

80. Stone The Crows – Niagara

81. The Nightcrawlers – Who Knows ( song on both lists )

82. Fever Tree – San Francisco Girls

83. Jay Telfer – Hippy Philosophy

84. S.J. & The Crossroads – Ooh Poo Pah Doo/Get outta my life Woman

85. New World – Sister Jane

86. The Master’s Apprentices – It’s Because I Love You

87. Russel Morris and Co. – The Real Thing

88. Honey Cone – Sunday Morning People

89. The Whale – Fielding And Dyer

90. Gerry & The Joy Band – Rave On

91. Coloured Balls – Working Man’s Boogie

92. Billy Thore & The Aztecs – The Dawn Song

93. Col Joye – Think it over

94. Chicory Tip – Son of my Father

95. Ronnie Burns – When I Was Six Years Old

96. New Dream – Groupie

97. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – Make Me Smile

98. Pilot – January

99. Skyhooks – Women In Uniform

100. The Move – Message From The Country

This is just a sampling of the 100’s of rare classics I play on Blip. I play them because I enjoy them and because someone has to keep these classics alive. For the full treatment check out TheTAZZone on Blip where I play everything from 1960 to new songs, classic rare tunes, and one-hit-wonders.

Aight! :D

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