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12 Typical Mistakes Students Make in Writing Papers

Writing is a rather annoying process, especially when you are in a hurry. Here is a list of typical mistakes you should avoid in this process. You won’t be able to avoid all of them at once, but you should try your best every time.

Mistake #1. Poorly chosen topic
If there is a chance to choose a topic on your own, use it. If needed, offer several alternative topics to your professor and explain why you think some of them are more suitable than others. When you choose a topic you are interested in. You will much less likely procrastinate when doing research or writing.

Mistake #2. Lack of quality research
Research is not a supporting part of an essay. It is the basis for any paper. You cannot write a quality paper without some substantial time spent on research. Of course, the amount and depth of research for a college argumentative paper differs from the one for a university-level research paper. If you have an important paper to write and submit soon enough and don’t have time for in-depth research, it is better to address a proven essay writing service such as with your simple “someone write my paper ” request. An experienced team of expert essay writers will help with any of your assignments online.

Mistake #3. Lack of originality
Your professor has to read dozens of papers every month. Most of them cover the same topics, and most of them argue the same ideas. It is really boring to read those papers. If you want to sparkle your professor’s interest, go the extra mile and come up with some original ideas, even when writing about some mundane issue. 

Mistake #4. Using not academically approved sources
When starting research, use Google Scholar instead of Google if you don’t waste too much time on academically irrelevant links and sources. You already know that you cannot use Wikipedia for your research, but it is not the only “no go source” in academia. Check on the allowed and not allowed types of sources before writing an essay.

Mistake #5. Reckless formatting
There are students thinking that content is much more important than form. It can be called substance over style. Well, it can be true, but not in the academic world. Good formatting will not save a bad essay, but even the best paper can be taken down by reckless formatting. Follow the citation and formatting style, even if you hate it. That’s life.

Mistake #6 Grammar mistakes
Even when you have original ideas and the best sources to support your arguments, grammar mistakes can kill your efforts. In the academic world, grammar mistakes in papers are appalling. Even being amazed by your approach and research background of your essay, a professor won’t be able to grade your paper high if he/she finds grammar mistakes.

Mistake #7 Technical omissions
It is a less scary flaw than grammar mistakes but still can lead to unwanted results. Online proofreaders are proven tools to deal with technical omissions. Just use several checkers once you are done with your final draft. They will also help to spot some grammar and style mistakes you’ve probably missed.

Mistake #8 Ignoring the style of the essay
When you are asked to write an argumentative essay, please, write an argumentative essay. If you are asked to write a descriptive paper, don’t write anything else. Don’t think that your professor won’t notice that instead of explaining several points of view, choosing one and giving arguments, you just describe some matter.

Mistake #9 Weak arguments
In most cases, you can come up with better arguments. The first arguments you take from the top of your head are mostly rather banal. It is normal, because it is how stereotype thinking works, and we all think with stereotypes. Give your brain another try and look for better arguments.

Mistake #10 Late submission
The mistake of mistakes! The Queen of mistakes! No matter how well-written your paper is if you have violated the deadlines, your work, your efforts, your creativity, it all goes to garbage. Too bad. We warned you.

Mistake #11 Continuously reading your paper after submission
It won’t help you to feel calmer. Instead, it will make you much more stressed. So, once you have submitted your paper, forget about it. You don’t need to read it several times to look for mistakes, omissions, technicals, and formatting flaws. Start on writing another paper.

Mistake #12 Not learning from your own mistakes
There are no perfect papers, and there are no students who don’t make mistakes. However, successful students analyze the mistakes they make and learn from them, and bad students don’t even read comments left by the professor.

The list of mistakes you can make while writing an essay, researching, editing, etc. is endless. However, even if you manage to avoid even half of our list, it will increase your chances of getting an excellent grade for your paper.

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