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2015 Mixed Bag O`Fun

tazscreenEvery once in awhile I post a site update about odd`s n`ends that don`t really qualify for a post themselves. Just random topics, usually disoriented mumble jumble with no particular purpose or direction. This is one such post.

Well, after several years of not having Post-Views I decided to re-enable it. I deactivated several plug-ins because they seemed to be playing havoc with loading time, so I went on a rampage deleting and disabling stuff a few years back to speed things up. Well…it`s back. Of course the post views you will now see are actually missing several years, but it`s all good.

Also cleared out 38,000 spam posts waiting in moderation. Seriously people, you`re not gonna get on my site so why bother. But hey, I know, you`ll keep trying, but trust me, it`ll never happen. We only approve legitimate comments.

Sorry if you post a comment and I don`t get to it right away…see above.

So much to do…so little time.  😀

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