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2020 A Bad Year for Movies

In any given year I can normally Google ” Best Movies of XXXX ” ( insert any year ) and see anywhere from 15-20 movie titles that at least spark my interest. Some I know just by looking at them, and others by looking up their trailers. Add upon that I usually find another 20-30 movie titles that aren’t on Google’s Best Movies Lists, gems that are from other Countries or Festivals or Indies ( Independent Films ) that may not be getting the promotional treatment they righteously deserve. In any given year I will usually purchase 40-60 movies, TV Shows, Comedy, Sports, etc on DVD or Blu-ray.

Yes, I buy a lot of movies.

Generally speaking I like to own a movie, and pop it in whenever I want to. Same goes for TV Shows, MMA Events, Comedy Specials ( recently bought the entire collection of George Carlin ), etc. Sometimes I’ll buy something just for nostalgic reasons like the TV show Cheers. Now Cheers isn’t something I would buy as a complete series of, like I did the original Law and Order or Seinfeld, because Cheers was far too repetitive, so I bought a ‘ Best of ‘ DVD. Just to have a few shows in case I had an nostalgic moment.

Looking at Google’s lineup of the ” Best Movies of 2020 ” I have to say I am somewhat disappointed. As there are only about 8 titles that even remotely interest me, and maybe half of those make me go ‘ OK, I have to have that ‘. I’m sure I’ll find several more obscure or hidden gems to buy, but 2020 looks, in comparison to other years, to be pretty dismal.

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