400 Days, 2015 Movie by Matt Osterman. What starts out to be a promising movie ends in catastrophe. The idea is not new, take some people and put them in a simulated experiment and see what happens. In this case it’s candidates hoping to get a shot at space travel who volunteer to under-go the psychological effects of space travel. The place is an underground ship, and the candidates were forewarned that during the 400 days they would be subject to unexpected events.

Various things happen, like what seems like an earthquake that cuts them off from the outside World. Then paranoia and hallucinations ensue, which was an expected result of long-term isolation. A rat finds his way into the chamber and is executed. A man also finds his way into the experiment and then disappears. And just a few days away from completing the experimental mission they decide to leave the station and go top-side.

On the surface everything has changed, the trees are no longer there and there is dust everywhere. Eventually they stumble into a Town and are told the Moon was struck by something. The villagers themselves are acting strange and one of their crew goes missing. Then another one goes missing. Having no luck finding their team-mates the two remaining members of the crew decide to go back to the ship for safety, but are followed. They manage to kill one of the would-be attackers and then the panel comes on to apprise them that the experiment is over and was a great success.

But none of it is ever explained. Where did the trees go? Why was the landscape different? Why were the Townsfolk acting strange? Where did their missing comrades go? Why were the villagers following them? Did they really kill the guy or was that a simulation too? None of the questions ever get answered. NONE! It ends with the last two members holding each others hands.

The producers, writers, and directors of this movie should never be allowed to make any more, the film is a disaster.

( images courtesy of world.wng.org and thedullwoodexperiment.com )

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