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5 Iconic Video Games You Need to Try Out

Wondering what the best video games are from yesteryear that you could play
even today? Or, how you could spend your time on weekends apart from trying
out roulette ? Don’t worry – we have got you covered.
Let’s get started and check out the 5 top best video games ever.

The first place is taken by Mario. It is undoubtedly the best video-game that has
ever existed on the history of the earth and every individual must have played
this extremely fun-loving game at least once. With the cute little Mario jumping
here and there, it is nothing short of exhilaration, happiness and fun, to begin
with, one of the best games of all times, it has no end what so ever.

Super-Smash Brothers
The second in the line is Super Smash Brothers, A timeless franchise, it is one
of the most fun-loving and joyful games to play. You can find it everywhere
from the Nintendo console to the video game console next door.

The one I personally like is Pacman. Wow! Playing it is so much fun! One
forgets everything other than the Pacman on screen. With its extremely popular
ancient avatar to the most recent one, we love Pacman, isn’t it?

Now comes the Tetra. No one can ever miss tetra when it comes to gaming.
From the older to the newer version, there are loads that it has to offer.
Nowadays, one can play the free online ones available very easily on the net.
People who can’t figure out this one, think about Tetris.

Wii Sports
Then comes Wii, who doesn’t absolutely love Wii Sports. From being an
amateur to being a pro, we all love our slow and steady growth playing this
highly addictive game. Not only youngsters and kids, but even adults are also
Wii fans. With many video-game lovers, game aficionados to a massive fan-
following Wii have won the hearts of many.

Nobody can also either forget the League of Legends to Fortnight, these are
ultra-addictive and ranked as some of the best games ever. Uber-exciting, they
keep us going and loving them forever. Other than the above five, there are a
few others which might excite you. They are Dragon Ball Fighter Z (though
this one is particularly liked by small kids and may not excite the elder ones), it
is a blast to play and involves tag-team fighting. There is Marvel’s Spider-Man, it has some of the best interactive adventures and keeps one on the toes,
and eyes glued to the screens. Then there is God of War and Resident Evil 2,
which are phenomenal.
For people who are more of racers, I personally recommend Forza Horizon 4,
this is the best racing game ever created and the most exciting. One would also
like to try, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Red-Dead Redemption 2. These are
good for those who like the fight in the open.
And how can we forget FIFA lovers and football champions? For you, I have
FIFA 19, this is the one to get you going and jump out of your seats.
No matter which one you resort to playing and is your favourite, video games
are one thing that people are really obsessive about, and here age doesn’t

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