We, of course, are talking about your typical online arcade games. The type of games that don’t take days to play, or consume huge amounts of your time…and in some cases money. These are free online games that take about 20 minutes to an hour to play. What we call ‘ Time Killers ‘…a game you can play while on your lunch break or just to chill out for awhile.

There’s a lot of arcade gaming sites on the Net…tons of them, in fact…but ‘ ONLY ‘ TAZ  offers these games ‘ AD-FREE ‘  and ‘ FULL-SCREEN ‘.

And ‘ ONLY ‘ TAZ  has broken them down into 10 ‘  DEDICATED ‘  blogs focusing on specific genres.  And limited each to a maximum of 100 games per blog, and hand-picked each game and placed them into categories that contains no more than 5 games each for easy access.

We also have made game lists for each blog so you can immediately see what games we have, and access the ones you want with as little effort as possible. These lists can be found individually on each blog itself, or all the lists can be found under the category of ‘ FEATURE GAMES ‘ here on TAZ.

In all we have over 1000 games to play, on our 10 ‘ DEDICATED GAME BLOGS ‘ and here on our main site, and all are, as we said earlier,  ‘  AD-FREE ‘ and all ‘  FULL-SCREEN ‘.

Once you play a game on TAZ, you won’t want to play anywhere else, there’s nothing like being able to play a game without the annoying distractions of a bunch of junk and ADs surrounding the game.

So here is a quick run-down of some of the games available on TAZ. This is just a random selection, in no particular order.


The Commanders Sister

Tanks V2


Sea Hawk


FA 18 Strike Force

Dfence 2

D-Day in Normandy

Call of Duty 2

A Tank Named Grizzly

ARH Tiger

Bot Arena 3

Canyon Glider

Capoeira Fighter

Drakojan Skies 3

Johnny Rocketfingers

Stickman Sam 4

Thing Thing Arena 2

Anikas Odyssey

Boxhead 2 Play

Dead Frontier Night Three

Fear Unlimited 2

Hapland 3

Prison Break

Strategy Defense 4

Zelda Lampshade

Zombie Rampage

AMG Drift Competition

FFX Runner

Formula Fog

King of Power

One Off

Shark Tales Big Race

FFX Racing

Bomb Defusal

Deal or No Deal

Ice Escape

Puzzled 4

Submachine 5

The Impossible Quiz 2

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Back Alley Blackjack

Crib Master

Flash Chess 3D

Real Pool

Texas Holdem

Aliens the Game

Crimson Warfare

Missile Strike

This is just a ‘ random sampling ‘ of the games we have.  All our games are the best you will find on the Net.

We hope you come, play, enjoy, tell your friends, bookmark us, link to us, and come back often.

ENJOY!!! 😀

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