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TAZ is the ‘ only ‘ site on the Internet that offers ‘ Free ‘, ‘ Ad-Free ‘ and ‘ Full-Screen ‘ game play. No small screens surrounded by annoying, blinking, pestering, distracting ads, which sole purpose for being there is to get accidental clicks to generate revenue for their site.

TAZ began as a place for friends to hang out, and this site was created for the entertainment of our members. We have maintained our original vision by not putting ads on our games or on our forum, despite that these are our two most popular areas and would create the most revenue, if they had ads.


But the TAZ has never been about creating money…we deviate from conventional thinking…we’re an anomaly…an Internet mutt in a sea of pedigrees…we are:

where Internet Chaos becomes an Art Form!



100 Military, War, and Battle Games

military games

3D Tanks, Air Wolf, Turret, War Games, Battleships, Tiger, The Blade, Tanks, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, Stormwinds,



100 Action Games

action games

3 Foot Ninja, 7 Deadly Sins,  Bot Arena 3, Judge Dread, Drackojan Skies, Canyon Glider, Rage, Stickman Sam, Thing-Thing,



100 Adventure Games

adventure games

Zombie Horde, Boxhead, 13 Days in Hell, Assassin 2, Pit Dwellers, Indiana Jones, Dead Frontier Night One, Panik,




100 Alien and Space Games

alien games

Cyborg, Crimson Warfare, Starship, Brink of Alienation, Missile Strike, Sputnik, Void Gunner, Xeno-Tactic, Flash Trek,



100 Car, Bike, and Racing Games

racing games

FFX Racing, FFX Runner, 4 Wheel Madness, 4×4 Rally, Formula Fog, Action Driving, 3D Rally Racing, Extreme Racing,



100 Skill and Strategy Games

skill games

Escape the Closet, Puzzled, Impossible Quiz 1, Watchers, Icescape, Bomb Defusal, Covert Front, Mahjong, Chess, Suduko,



60 Casino, Card, and Billiard Games

casino games

Texas Holdem, Poker, Keno, Craps, Blackjack, Real Pool, Darts, 5 Card Draw, Bingo, Puzzle Freak, Baccarat, Pool, Poker Man Show,



100 Sports Games

sports games

Baseball, Ultimate Football, Golf Jam, Pinch Hitter, Flash Cricket, Yeti Sports, Supreme Golf, Snowboarding, Tennis, Show jumping,



100 Simple Games

simple games

Forklift Frenzy, Bug on a Wire, Hunga Basics, DJ, Pacman, Tech Support, Dog Police, Payback, Animal Hunter, When Will You Die,



100 Silly Games

silly games

Monkey Cliff Diving, Breeder, Bee Boxing, Jolie Dress-Up, Kamikaze Frogs, Rednek, Stinky Bean, Raft Wars, The Idiot Test, Fuzzy,




games zone

Is both a Game Website and a Game Blog. With 300 of the Best Games available on the Net. And on the blog more games, game news, and miscellaneous other stuff.



The Sports Zone and Blog ( has been redesigned as a Directory. )

sports zone

A Sports Website with a Sports News Blog, some Sports Games, and some Sports Galleries.
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Member Photo Gallery

biker zone
A collection of photos made available from our membership..
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