“I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the name calling, the finger pointing, the outright refusal to compromise. I’m sick of the stupidity of an election system that focuses on who can raise the most money to win rather than what’s right for our nation.”

“I’m sick of people who scream that taxes can’t be raised on the rich because they won’t be able to create jobs. What jobs?”

“I’m sick of so called Christians calling people less fortunate than them “welfare bums”. Start learning that today’s welfare doesn’t reward the woman who pops out babies to stay in the system. She gets additional food stamps and MEDICAID, no other money for the baby.”

“I’m sick of the election commercials full of lies and half truths that play endlessly on my television. I’m sick of emails that do the same thing without confirming, through one of the many sites that exist for that purpose, whether or not they’re the truth.”

“I’m sick of living in neighborhoods where no one is willing to lend a hand to their neighbor. Where anyone can die alone in their homes and no one finds them for days.”

“I’m sick of the phrase “We want our country back”. That was a time when neighbor helped neighbor and families took care of their own.”

For more of this beautiful rant you gotta go here:

Raindrops Make Things Beautiful

It’s really really worth it. 😀

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2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Rant”
  1. Blogstream, where that post exists, has a few Tea Bagger bloggers. Using post names like American Conservative Perspective, Common Man, etc. They’re all anti President Obama in their posts and they spew such ignorance it’s shocking to me. They’re all dead set against government programs which aide the elderly and poor. Wanna bet they’ve got parents or grandparents using those services? If we don’t want to pay for those services, stop using them. Take your parents home and care for them yourself. BUY them everything they need out of your own pocket. They’ll find it’s a whole lot more expensive to pay $40 a week just for Depends to keep their furniture from being totally urine soaked than it is to pay the damn tax for Medicaid to pay for them. While they’re at it, if they live in NYS they can take their kids out of the Childcare Plus program. That is a Medicaid funded health insurance for the under 18. The most families pay for that is $9 a week, and that’s with close to 50 K a year in income.

    Dayum those welfare folks for living large on my salary. I want to see these Tea Baggers live on $600 a month plus maybe $200 in food stamps for a family of 3. Oh yeah, that’s real large.

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