Pasta ( no name given ) my own particular recipe…


1. bag of pasta ( shells, rigatoni, those twisty ones, etc…whatever suits your fancy ) 450 grams
2. 8oz fresh mushrooms
3. 400 grams mozzarella cheese
4. 250 grams old cheddar cheese
5. 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
6. 2 fresh green peppers
7. 15-20 green olives
8. 1 680ml can of Hunts Zesty sauce
9. 1 680ml can of Primo Romano Cheese and Basil
10. 1 and a half pounds of fresh lean hamburger
11. 2 fresh Italian Maple-flavored Sausages
12. 1 tub of fresh Cottage Cheese ( 2% )
13. spices: garlic powder ( not salt ), onion salt, steak spice, and paprika
14. 1 sweet pepper ( optional )

boil pasta in water ( duh ) with a dash of salt till you can cut it easily with a plastic spoon…do not overcook…drain

cook hamburger in butter ( about a 1/2 cup ) on medium heat till it is ” just “cooked through…drain

put pasta back into the empty pot and add 1/2 can of sauce and simmer on low heat

put hamburger back in pan and add 1/2 can of sauce and simmer on low heat

pan fry sausages until just cooked through…cut into small pieces and add to the pan of hamburger

add Cottage cheese to pot of pasta

cut up peppers into strips, cut mushrooms into four quarters, slice olives, add to the pot of pasta

( Don’t forget to stir everything…frequently…another Duh )

add parmesan cheese to pan of hamburger

sprinkle the spices in both pot and pan…Don’t use too much!

cut the mozzarella and old cheddar cheeses into strips and add about a quarter of them to the pan of hamburger and cover and TURN OFF HEAT

get your roasting pan and grease it up with a very thin layer of butter…then add a half can of sauce

pour in the entire contents of the pot…then add about a quarter of the sliced cheeses

add the remaining 1/2 can of sauce into the roasting pan

then add the entire contents of the pan of hamburger and top with the remaining cheese slices

place roasting pan uncovered in pre-heated oven at 350 degrees on middle oven rack for 20 minutes

then…if the cheese is not browned ( it should be ) broil for a few minutes to brown the cheese


P.S. It really does taste extraordinarily good.

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