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A look at Eddie Alvarez

Eddie’s got game, and if Eddie had stuck to his game plan against Conor he could have beat him. On the feet he can beat Khabib, on the ground he can beat Conor. But his very good standup doesn’t beat Conor, and his very good ground game doesn’t beat Khabib. Because very good will never beat great.

Eddie was the first Lightweight champion in Bellator MMA history, and he took that Championship twice, was briefly the UFC Lightweight Champion, and has 29 wins with only 6 losses over a career that started in 2003. He was also the MFC/BodogFIGHT Welterweight Champion.

Alvarez is the guy who could potentially beat anyone. He’s one of the best ‘ all-round ‘ fighters in MMA, he’s very good at everything, there are no holes in his game. The problem is he’s not ‘ great ‘ at anything. So when he comes across a guy like Conor who has great stand up, or Khabib with great ground game, he needs to take them out of their element. If he can do that, he wins. That’s what made GSP great, he could beat guys who were better than him at something by taking them out of their element, or by making them uncomfortable in their element. Which is something Alvarez needed to work on. If he could have mastered that, he could have been another GSP. GSP was not ‘ great ‘ at anything , he was/is very good at everything , what made him great was his strategy, he could take people easily out of their game, even playing their game he was able to make his opponents uncomfortable, and when you’re uncomfortable, you lose.

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