The UFC pay-per-view 151 event was cancelled. Why? Well some people blame Dana White because he didn’t have a back-up plan in place to save the event. Some people think he over-reacted in the heat of the moment because he’s an emotional guy. That he placed too much faith in the headliner and not enough in the undercard which was ready and willing to go. And all this might be true. He should have had a backup plan. He should have taken a chill pill before going on a rant and cancelling the whole event. He should have had more faith in both the fans and the undercard and went ahead without Jon Jones.

The fact is Jones could have saved the event, but he refused to fight a replacement in Chael Sonnen. Chael was ready and willing to go on 8 days notice. As a result Dana, of course blamed Jones, well actually Greg Jackson his coach, for the event falling apart. Jackson discouraged Jones from fighting Sonnen, and I can see why. Sonnen is a risk. He has always been a risk. Not because he’s a great fighter, he’s good but not great, but rather because he’s fearless.

Guys like Jones, McGregor, Silva, etc depend upon intimidation as much as skill. Every time these guys get into a fight with someone who they can’t intimidate they lose or they come very close to losing. Intimidation has been a major factor in the fight game since the beginning of time. It gives you the edge over your opponent before you swing the very first blow.

Jones is a better fighter than Sonnen, but you can’t intimidate him, you can’t make him think he’s going to lose, and that’s what makes him dangerous.

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