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Ad-Free Games Only on TAZ

Yep Baby! Only here can you play over 1000 games ad-free! And play them full-screen too!

So whether you want to play a classic like Pacman , get immersed in a battle game like Sea Hawk , a fun game like Fuzzy 2 , shoot some hoops with Shootin’ Hoops , test your knowledge with Who wants to be a Millionaire , shoot some pool with Real Pool , love those point n’ click games like Puzzled 1 , kill some zombies at Zombie Rampage , out-run gangsters in your coupe with FFX Runner , test your luck with Deal or No Deal , play a little cards with TBS Texas Holdem , or help Ripley and the Crew defeat those pesky Aliens the Game , you can do it all without being annoyed by ads or a small screen surrounded by annoying distractions.

Why are we the ‘ only ‘ site that gives you ad-free and full-screen game play? Because it ain’t about the money Baby! It’s about the fun!

Personally I can’t stand going to a game site and having to play a game on a small dinky little screen surrounded by a bunch of crap, and ads, that only ruin the experience of playing the game.

So…check out our games…each of our 10 dedicated game blogs have a A-Z list ( for that blog ) you can check out…or you can play a game right here on our main site.

If you’ve ever played on a different site you’ll appreciate and enjoy the games here. So have fun, and enjoy!

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