We are a growing site….every month our popularity increases from the month before we have also maintained a respectable mid-range Alexa ranking  sometimes ( depending upon the time of year ) as low as 160,000 …we also have a very good Quantcast ( directly measured ) rating of close to and usually under 100,000…

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Multiple AD purchases, length of duration, and purchasing ADs on multiple pages will reduce the cost of your advertising.

All prices are negotiable…based upon the amount of ADs you want to purchase, on what pages, on what domain or sub-domain, how many years, pre-paid or monthly, even your reasons for the AD can vary the cost based upon whether it’s personal, charitable,  or commercial.

Payment must be made within 48 hours of live display of advertising. We reserve the right to remove any ad, without compensation, when the link or links have changed from the original page or destination, changed in quality or purpose, or have been flagged  ( we presently use McAfee site security ) as being potentially dangerous to our site or visitors.

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We’ve compared our rates with several sites of equal size and we can say that we have the best rates available on the Net. No one even comes close. What we charge for a year others charge for a month.