The Pentagon said Monday it was trying to assess the damage caused by the Internet leak of some 91,000 classified documents on the Afghanistan war.

The documents are described as battlefield reports compiled by various military units that provide an unvarnished look at combat in the past six years, including U.S. frustration over reports Pakistan secretly aided insurgents and civilian casualties at the hand of U.S. troops., a self-described whistleblower organization, posted the reports to its website Sunday night.

Pentagon Scrambles to Assess Wikileaks Damage – ABC News

In this world is it even possible to keep a secret anymore? I suppose you could if you had a safe room, that only you were allowed into, and no one could penetrate, maybe you could keep things a secret…maybe.

We live in a new world where we expect to be told everything. have access to every piece of possible information, at our disposal whenever we’d like to access it.

It doesn’t matter how secure your computer is, how secure a room is, how secure a safe is, someone, somewhere, will find a way to compromise it.

That’s the reality we live in today.

Rule of thumb…if you don’t want someone to know something don’t put it on your computer, don’t put it anywhere where someone can access it. Why? Because, someone, sooner or later, will.

Unfortunately the geniuses at the Pentagon don’t understand this. 😀

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