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Aliens are Here

Well OK, not really. Not that I don’t believe in Aliens, or rather the possibility, it’s just that the possibility of them ever coming here is so remote that I don’t believe it will ever happen. Maybe there’s other intelligent life forms on other planets, maybe on thousands of other planets, but the likelihood of them every coming here is as equally remote as us ever going there.

Short of a ‘ Beam us up Scotty ‘ transporter, or a ‘ stargate ‘, for us to build a ship that can transverse space without getting damaged, long before ever reaching a planet with advanced life, is virtually impossible. Just to reach the nearest star as per NASA at the rate of speed Voyager 1 is travelling if it were heading to Proxima Centauri it would take over 73,000 years to arrive. We can’t even build a car that can last 10 years without major overhauls.

The ship itself would need to be huge, as everything to maintain the ship and occupants it would have to hold, in redundancy. You couldn’t send just a few people or a few families, you have to have enough people to grow food, do maintenance, work in the manufacturing sectors ( you’re going to need to replace a lot of parts over 1000’s of years ), computer technicians, doctors, medical staff, dentists, lab technicians, etc…basically everything that you need here on Earth.

Personally the only Alien I’ve ever met is my daughters cat, or at least I’m fairly certain it’s an Alien.

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