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Amazing games that can give a good brain exercise

Most people are always concerned about body exercises. Each time you meet sometimes it’s no longer surprising for that gym talk to be thrown in. If it’s not to keep the perfect body shape it’s about health reasons. However, people are now slowly embracing brain exercises. There are so many games that can aid in brain fitness and definitely boost your mental skills. The games that will be mentioned below are both adult and child-friendly. These can be used by a family to bond and to train you and your cub’s brain.

There are various skill level games, games that test your reflexes, your response time,  like Tetris, or several point and click games that make you think, test your observational skills, and strategy games that test your ability to plan, maneuver, deploy, and engage. For a long time games were considered a waste of time, mostly by the older generation, but have since been recognized for the value they can have to improving various skills. So much so that many branches of the Military use games to simulate real battle conditions.

I Spy’ is good for exercising the brain

The good thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere. Whether you are on a plane, car or waiting in the queue to get the food you ordered. This game is most people’s favorite and it so easy to play. You can also place a bet with your friends and play for fun. Being easy does not necessarily mean that it does not mean that it is not a brain teaser. So this is what happens, the spy has to identify an object or anything that is visible to everyone. Once you spot it you can give the players a clue maybe the bedding letter of that object and they have to guess what it is you want them to identify. Try as much as you can to be tricky but making it easier for everyone. This will get heads cracking over the objects in case there are many objects starting with the same letter.

The memory game is another brain teaser

This game is as fascinating as it gets everyone’s guessing game on the edge trying to pick what you expect of them. For example, you can start by saying “I’m approaching a roadblock and what do I see…” the players then have to guess what you want them to pick. According to sports betting also keeps your mind sharp and updated about sports. It’s only a matter of keeping your mind very sharp and that will definitely save the fitness of your brain game.

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