From a Canadian perspective I think Obama is the best choice…for Canadians…when it comes to exports like lumber he seems more the negotiable kind of leader…than the let’s trade off tax and tariffs wars tiff for taff ones we’re used to dealing with…

but by the same token I think in light of Americans in Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc…I think he’s going to be seen as a weak warlord …and that’s not going to bode very well for Americans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if American soldiers are the target of several well-staged hostage situations…if Obama doesn’t slam the hammer down early.

The problem with Obama, as I alluded to before, will be his foreign policy…more specifically his very Carterish diplomatic style that will likely be severely tested over the next 4 years…

most of these Arabic and less-modern or religiously-ruled Nations still view things in terms of:

1. niceness/diplomacy=weakness
2. threats/warlordship=strength

if he doesn’t put forward a strong ‘ don’t fruckin’ mess with me ‘ attitude don’t be surprised if the next time the US goes into Syria on a bombing run the Syrians shoot back…etc…etc…etc…

just like with Carter…diplomacy will be viewed as a weakness…and all weaknesses will be exploited.

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