Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys are STILL America’s team.  I find this premise hard to accept since Americans notoriously do not back losers, but let’s say it is true.  Why would a team who hasn’t been to or won a Super Bowl in years, still be considered America’s team?  It’s all in the promotion

In sports, the big markets, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, have teams that get the most coverage.  They have the teams that people “know” the most.  Even the casual NFL follower knows who the Dallas Cowboys are.  If you gather a group of casual NFL fans together and ask them to name the teams they know Dallas will more often than not be in their first named choices.  Dallas knows how to promote their team.  Jerry Jones is a promoter of Ringling Brothers proportions.  The team is worth billions of dollars.  And they haven’t been to or won a Super Bowl in years.

So, is this only a representation of who people know?  Not who they would actually root for?  Americans like winners.  They like to cheer for winners.  Knowing what a team is and cheering for that team on a day in and day out basis are two different things.  It is much the same scenario in all major sports.  In the NBA, the team worth the most money is the New York Knicks.  It’s all about location, location, location.  And of course promotion.  To my point, the best selling NFL jerseys do not belong to Cowboys players.  People may know who the Cowboys are, but they are not going to wear Romo’s jersey all the time.  They are going to wear Brady, Manning, and yes Tim Tebow.

I think perhaps instead of naming the Cowboys America’s team, they should be known as America’s most well-known team.  I’m just not convinced that American’s are going to back a non-championship team as their team, great promotion or not.

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By Deborah

Deborah is a writer, editor, poet, and mom. She writes about sports, relationships, poetry, and the proverbial novel. An affirmed coffee and text addict, she enjoys meeting new people with shared interests.

4 thoughts on “America’s Team – Really?!”
  1. You’ll notice Debs we don’t get a lot of comments here on TAZ…they’re mostly readers and come to play the games/read the tutorials…but Butterose did get a slew of then on her public breastfeeding article 😀

    Yep…got Packer braggin’ rights now… 😀

  2. Admin – good choice on the team, as they just won the Super Bowl.  But the Bears…oh dear lol

    Butterose – I think the cheerleaders are part of their outstanding marketing campaign.  I think it’s their promotion that has more to do with it than anything else.  It certainly isn’t their on the field performance of late 🙂

    Thanks for reading and the comments!

  3. I don’t watch football so I really can’t comment, but do you think the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have anything to do with the problem?

  4. I watch the CFL 😀 My NFL team has always been the Packers ( and occasionally the Bears 😀 )

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