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Anderson da Silva you’re out of your Friggin’ mind

Not too long ago Anderson da Silva said that BJ Penn, in his opinion, ranked higher than Georges St-Pierre in the pound-for-pound ( MMA for those not in the know ) best in the World.

Apparently he missed the part where GSP has beaten BJ Penn twice, once very decisively, so decisively in fact that BJ’s corner threw in the proverbial towel in the 4th round. In that fight Penn was cut and Joe Rogan said that that was the first time he’d seen Penn cut.

Apparently he also missed the part where GSP beat Jon Finch whereas Penn just took Finch to a draw.  He must have also missed that GSP beat Sean Sherk in 2 rounds and it took Penn 3 rounds to beat Sherk.

Penn is also 16-7 to GSP’s 22-2…GSP has 6 more wins and 5 fewer losses.  GSP has also avenged both his losses by beating Matt Hughes twice ( both times in the 2nd round ), and a convincing win over Matt Serra that was stopped ( also ) in the 2nd round. Whereas Penn never avenged his fight with Finch that went to a draw, his 2 losses to Frankie Edgar, or his 2 losses to GSP.

Penn defended his Lightweight Title 3 times over 2 years ( 2008-2009 ) and lost it in the third year ( 2010 to Edgar ). GSP has defended his Welterweight Title 6 times over 4 years, and still retains the title.

So I’m thinking either Silva hasn’t got a clue about what’s what in the UFC or MMA in general, or he’s probably hiding some curious affection for BJ Penn…maybe it’s an obsession, or maybe just puppy love…

clearly he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I suppose he should be grateful he can fight better than he can think. Because if he relied upon brains he wouldn’t be able to beat Pee Wee Herman.

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