OK I get it that you want people to register to your site, or subscribe to your newsletter, or allow you to place cookies, or read your terms and conditions, or read your privacy policy, or unblock your AD blocker, or submit your location, or whatever. But what really annoys me is when you can’t exit the pop up, when it doesn’t give you the choice to ignore it, or forces you to accept in order to continue past the pop up. The in-your-face pop ups that interfere in your enjoyment of the site as soon as you get there. If I can’t move past the pop ups without agreeing to something then I hit backspace and leave the site. There’s a lot of sites I visit that are doing that now and it’s annoying.

TheTAZZone.com has never done that and never will. We respect the people who visit this site and respect the fact that people are capable of making rational personal choices based upon their own needs, without having us pester them with annoying pop ups. We refuse to force you to accept cookies or subscriptions or ADs, and if you want to read our privacy statement we’re sure you can find the link all by yourselves, without any help from us.

One of the very first things I learned coming onto the Internet was to not click on any link that was unfamiliar or suspicious. I personally find these pop ups to be both, unfamiliar and suspicious. You want me to click on a link agreeing to something I do not want to agree to and trust the link you want me to click as being safe and not malicious in intent. In my opinion the very fact you are forcing people to click on it shows malicious intent. If I was to go grocery shopping and was stopped at the door and asked to agree to conditions before entering to buy my groceries and was refused entry if I did not comply that to me would be equally malicious. And basically that is what these sites are doing. Could you even imagine a grocery store behaving in this fashion?

If I go to your site to read an article and am greeted with annoying pop ups I’ll backspace and go someplace else.

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