So here we are, another Monday arrived, and a very radical mood change for the better. Despite the issues we’re facing today (you’ll hear about those in a sec) all is right with the world. Why? Because Trish is home and we’re cleaning house. In fact, I’m writing this between bouts of deep-cleaning the fridge.

Saturday night the water pump went out on the |ceMobile. This isn’t a good thing. This is especially bad because Mrs |ce was driving at the time, and was stuck out in the boonies between towns. It was worsened by the fact that her cell phone was low on battery and her charger lay here at the house unattended. It was worst of all because the |ce Mobile is currently our only mode of transportation, and therefore I was unable to fly to her rescue. She did find help, however, in the form of an old friend of ours who dispatched himself to the scene and supplied ample water for her to get home. Twas he who diagnosed the problem as well, before my eyes had a chance to view it. Two hours later a very exhausted, nervous Mrs |ce strolled into our house and into my waiting arms.

So the plan of attack was to effect repairs on said vehicle yesterday whilst the slow Sunday sun hung lazily in the sky and the cool gulf breezes kept the unusually hot January at bay. This was, however, only a plan; a fleeting dream, as I soon discovered that most of the motor must be pulled in order to get to the pump itself. Instead Mrs |ce and I spent our Sunday discussing the problem, our finances, her pending trip to Houston (tomorrow!), a mechanic, and cleaned the kitchen and watched movies.

Today arrives. It’s a hectic morning for the telephone, but not overly busy here as of yet. We had to call the rental place where we’re buying Mrs|ce’s laptop and explain we’d be a couple days late with the payment since we can’t get there. They said that was fine, and if there was a driver in our area today he could stop and get the payment from us. No problem. We had to call the landlord and explain that the rent would indeed be late this month because (after putting off taking it until today) we were unable to get there. We also had to explain why it’d be 200 bucks light (the cost of the mechanic) until my cheque comes later this month. Suffice it to say the Landlord was unamused, but still understanding. Then we called mum-in-law and arranged for alternate transportation. She shall be delivering one of her two vehicles to us this afternoon to facilitate our trip to Houston. In order to do this, she’ll be driving 50 miles here, then Mrs|ce shall drive 50 miles with her to drop her off at her home, then yet another 50 miles to get back here with the vehicle. Resultantly, tomorrow I shall make the 650 odd mile drive to Houston unassisted. No big deal, I did thousand mile days back when I was trucking. Now the issue – we can’t take the car to the mechanic’s until Mum-in-Law arrives (no way home) and MIL is running late. We can’t drop it tomorrow morning because we’re departing for Houston 3 hours before the shop opens (a bright and early 6am!) Hopefully MIL will arrive soon..

In the interim we’re deep-cleaning house. The windows are all open and the air inside is fresh and wonderful. There’s a gentle breeze blowing the sounds of passing trains inside, and the birds are all singing. The whole place smells like febreeze and lysol antibacterial kitchen counter cleaner. I’m loving every minute of it. For right now, all is right with the world.

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