Yep, in just a few short months I will reach that milestone in my life. It’s funny though, I don’t feel that old, and I certainly don’t act that old, and yet I am, or will be. It feels like just yesterday I was young and very much active. Strange how age kinda creeps up on you like that. One day you’re at the park playing Baseball with your friends and then suddenly the park is empty and your friends are all old.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still 17 but the mirror in front of me tells me that my feeling is lying to me. The morning aches and pains are not from a hockey game the night before, and those grey hairs sprouting on your face and head are not from a friend playing a practical joke. And forget about running up those 7 flights of stairs with barely a gasp when you reach the top, even walking up presents a struggle.

My one saving grace is I still have a young attitude, and I’m fond of saying ‘ the best thing about immaturity is when I do go senile no one will notice ‘. I still laugh at the same things I thought were funny 40 years ago. I make the same type of jokes, and do silly things that a mature person probably shouldn’t do. So I don’t feel old, in my mind at least, even though my body tells a different story.

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