Update:  Situation has been resolved.

I  noticed today that some of our flash games are loading very slowly ( for me anyways )…the shockwave games are all working fine. So I am trying to determine what is causing the flash games to load so slowly as we speak.

If you are experiencing the same problem I am, the game may look like it’s not working but it is, it’s just loading so slowly that it appears to not be working.

I am on top of this and hope to find a solution soon.

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3 thoughts on “Resolved!…Are you experiencing slow loading games?”
  1. 1. Right click on the game

    2. Chose settings

    3. Go to ”local storage” (opened folder icon)

    4. Drag it to “Unlimited”


  2. Hi DC, the issue was ‘ almost ‘ all at my end…once I upgraded to the latest flash and contacted my ISP about slow sleeps ( was getting 3mb/s when I was supposed to be getting 9-10mb/s, they managed to get it up to 5-6mb/s ) , a quick restart and everything was OK again.

  3. What was the issue?  I noticed that all my flash sites are now loading much slower…  Would love to know what you discovered.  swfobject?  Flash player?

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