Author Updates

Author Updates and TAZ Updates

I created this page to update present and future columnists/authors…and to update some changes and keep you updated on developments. This page will be updated when needed. So check back fairly regularly to see if anything’s changed.  Thanks!

May 23rd, 2012: We are looking for a total of 15 regular contributors who can post a minimum of only 2 posts a month. The columnist slider spots will eventually be reserved for those who can contribute 2 posts a month. We’re not looking to be the New York Times, we want to keep this a very small intimate group. I’ll be on the search for new columnists soon, until we have the 15 regular contributors we’d like to have.


May 22nd, 2012: Added a Private Messaging System…if you have any questions you can contact myself or Butterose through PM.


May 8th, 2012:  just added a related posts with thumbnails and excerpt to the bottom of posts


May 8th, 2012: added the date stamp to the secondary navigation


May 6th. 2012: The inner-page slider is now set using ‘ tags ‘…to use the inner page slider when uploading multiple images in posts remember to add the tag ‘ innerpageslider ‘.


May 5th, 2012: not inserting into post only applies to multiple images…you can insert one image the same as always…
for your post to show up in ‘ columnists ‘ you need to add it to your
author category as well…
you don’t have to add the post to Rant, Latest news, or Featured News
unless you want to…
and for your image to show up you need to set it as ‘ featured ‘ in the
upload …this also applies to multiple images, you need to set one as
the featured image.


May 5th, 2012: Hiya! 😀 I made this up to make it easier to work with the new TAZ. A little tutorial of sorts. Sending it out to all the TAZ authors/contributors.

Well….it’s finally done…well not quite done but getting there. 😉

Authors: Most Important

To get the columnists section and the author sections up to grade you need to:

1. go to and set up a gravatar ( avatar image ). You need to use the same e-mail address you have on TAZ. This will set your avatar.
2. go to your profile on TAZ and update your profile with a bio, twitter, facebook, and web links. This will set your author info on your page and will retrieve your latest 2 Twitter posts. Example:
3. if you haven’t made a post yet you’re going to need to in order for you to even appear on the columist slider even though you’re already set up for it


Posting is the same as any WordPress post however you may not be familiar with some aspects if you’ve never used them before:

1. If you want to have  ‘ multiple images ‘ in a post, Do Not insert images…just save them. The theme will pull them and create a slider for your images. If you insert them in the post you will end up with both, a slider and the inserted images.
2. if you want your images to have a small description underneath…use the caption and description fields in the image upload


1. to make sure all your posts are associated with you please use your specific category name for all your posts

Big Slider, Videos, and Rants:

1. The big slider is the ‘ Feature News ‘ category…please do not use this category unless you have an image large enough to display properly.

2. ‘ Latest News with Videos ‘ is the Latest News category. this is for posts that include Video. If you want to include a video use the post custom fields…select ‘ iframe ‘ and post the URL ( only the URL ) into the field…Do Not insert the video directly into the post

3. The ‘ The Columnists Gripe n’ Rant Corner ‘ is the Rant category.

Summary of Posting:

Please do not choose more than one of these for each post. Or you’ll have too many occupying the front page. For instance if you post a rant…it will already appear under your name section ( columnists ), in recent topics ( top right ), and in The Columnists Gripe n’ Rant Corner. So your post will already be displayed 3 times on the homepage.

So aside from your own named columnist section…pick one other main category ( Feature news, Latest News with Videos, or Rant ).

You are free to add to multiple other relevant categories such as ‘ entertainment news ‘, ‘ opinion, etc…


Other :

If you’d like me to set you up a media or magazine page ie.

magazine example

video media example

photo media page with slider example

I need at least 9 posts to do it or it won’t display properly.


If you have any questions feel free to ask away !