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Where to Advertise?

Really depends upon what you are selling and who your target audience is. If you are selling/promoting a product, website, or service to whom are you selling/promoting it to? Who generally buys it? What age group? These are all things you need to consider before spending a dime in advertising. Are you marketing your product […]

Why Advertise?

Well…you really don’t have to…unless you want to ‘ drive ‘ traffic to your site…if you’re content to just let the search engines do the job for you you will eventually get picked up, and over time traffic will come on it’s own without any help…provided you are maintaining your site and regularly updating content. […]

How to utilize my time to promote my site?

There are several things you can do for free to improve your traffic… mind you these may be free but they still involve a cost…if you place any value on your time… there are places where you can issue ‘ press releases ‘ …these free press releases will draw some traffic to your site if […]

Promoting your Website 3

Yes…the search engines DO pick them up…they DO eventually get listed…but…don’t expect people to come rampaging through your door…it’s not going to happen. Then…you could get lucky! Right time, right place scenario…WhooooHooo! You got a winner! It DOES happen…people also win lotteries, and get hit by lightning without getting more than a scratch, and fall […]

Promoting your Website 2

Then there’s places like Digg…they can help…if…you have content that Diggers want…and know independent people who will submit that content…if you are only Digging your stuff it soon gets pegged as Spam and you’ll never see the front page…and the front page is the only page on Digg that matters. You could, of course, spend […]

Promoting your Website 1

OK…you’ve got a great idea…you planned it out…you purchased a domain…and you’ve built your website…and it looks good… so why aren’t you getting millions of viewers coming every day to see your great website? Why isn’t it like those TV ADs where someone throws up their website and they look at the stats and the […]

List of 100 Military, War, Battle, Action Games

Not necessarily in perfect alphabetical order Online War Games: 100 of the best action battle strategy games on the Net 100 Men 3D Spacehawk 3D Tanks 3D Swat Air Dodge Air Invasion Air Wolf Alpha Bravo Charlie America Strikes Back Ammo Ambush Ammo Ambush 2 ARH Tiger Armed Invasion Army Copter Army Swat Assassination Simulator […]

List of 100 Action, Fighting, Ninja, Stick, and Thing-Thing Games

Not necessarily in perfect alphabetical order Online Action Games: 100 of the best action arcade games on the Net 247 Bombs 2 Deep 3 Foot Ninja 3 Foot Ninja 2 7 Deadly Sins Aim and Fire Alias Alias 2 Alias 3 Anthrax Jelly Batman vs Mr. Freeze Battlefields Bend-A-Bot Blastem Blot Goes To Hell Bomber […]

Super Sonic Hedgehog

Super Sonic Hedgehog

Super Sonic Hedgehog


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