For when I roll out the new TAZ in about February!


First off I back-dated this post two years so it doesn’t end up on the front page or in recent searches/archives. So, if the date seems way off, it’s because it is. 😉


Information you might find useful on the new TAZ


The new TAZ will have a very different set-up, and because it a premium paid template with some customization there’s a couple things you need to know in regard to posting.

1. All writers will be featured here


2. All regular writers will get there own section here ( I can add more if necessary ) , but to get your posts in there you have to remember to add your post in your category ( the category assigned to your name ).


3. If you want your article to get posted here…


in the middle section-top ( that will be called ‘ Latest News ‘ ) you have to add your article to the latest news category as well as your own category.


4. Please do not add your articles to other ‘ front page ‘ categories as I specifically try to arrange them to drive traffic to the site. But you can add your articles to any other category or sub-category that’s relevant.


5. I plan to be adding a section in your profile where a block will be added to the bottom of your posts with your bio, website, and your own copyright notice.


6. I also plan to add ( in the future ) revenue-sharing, allowing you to have your own Google Ads in your category. This requires a little coding as this template isn’t set up for that. And the WP plugins that I’ve already checked out may not be compatible with this set up. When I do get around to setting it up please don’t be disappointed with the results, no one is getting rich off of AdSense. 😉


7. You can help each other drive traffic to your posts by social-networking each other’s articles. This co-operative effort will greatly increase your page views and provide valuable back-links to your articles. This, however, does require ‘ mutual co-operation ‘…obviously any unequal distribution will likely result in someone feeling somewhat shafted, and if you do this without telling the person the person may never be aware that it happened. To avoid this, I suggest that you inform each other, that way the other person can reciprocate ( resolving both potential problems ).


8. I want this to be a great experience for you! Well, it won’t be like winning the lottery or the Pulitzer Prize but…as great as I can make it anyways. 😀


If you have any problems or questions whatsoever you can reach me at submissions[at] ( I check that account every couple days so you might get an answer right away or within 48 hours ). Alternatively, you can message me on Facebook.

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