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We recently had a user who’s hard disk suffered a pretty complete meltdown. They’d had their particular workstation for well over three years, and had a large number of links stored in their Favorites folder. Our policy here is such that we do not back up user workstations, every user has a drive mapped to their own individual share on the file server, which gets backed up nightly. We decided that for high profile staff (read that, executive) we’d begin backing up their Favorites by copying them to their own share on the file server. To do so, I knocked up the following script:

Code: Select all
' Script Name:    backupIEFavorites.VBS
' Created:        04/16/2008
' Author:         Talen
' E-mail:

' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
' Purpose:
'   This script will backup the contents of the Favorites folder in the profile
'   of the currently logged in user to a specified network share. Tested on
'   Windows 2000, XP and Vista.
' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

' ==============================================================================
' ==============================================================================
Option Explicit

Dim objFSO, objShell
Dim strFavPath, strSource

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

strFavPath = objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%USERPROFILE%") & "\Favorites"

Set strSource = objFSO.GetFolder(strFavPath)

strSource.Copy "X:\Favorites", True
' ==============================================================================
' END OF SCRIPT: backupIEFavorites.VBS
' ==============================================================================

We’re going to run this as a logOFF script, which will back up their Favorites at the end of every session.

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