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Ben Shapiro and the Wealthy

I don’t disagree with anything he says, however……he is missing 1 very important factor ( or maybe intentionally avoiding it ) and that is that wealth/power in society is a pyramid. It does not matter if you do everything the right way, it doesn’t matter how much or how smart you work, the fact is the further away from the top of the food chain you go the larger the body. Not everyone can be an owner, not everyone can be a manager, the vast majority of people will be workers, or the system falls apart.

So even though everyone has the chance to become part of that 1%, 99% never will, because you can never have more bosses than employees, you can never have more owners than bosses, etc. Economics is a pyramid. So even though I agree you do not make the poor richer by making the rich poorer, you do effectively reduce that pyramid by raising salaries, lowering prices, by reducing profit margins, so that the people on the bottom of that pyramid get a bigger slice of that pie they are producing.

You may argue that if someone can become worth billions, why should we deprive them. We shouldn’t. But not for the reasons you might think. I’m sure that someone worth 50 billion would be just as happy and content being worth 40 billion, or even 30 billion, and that extra 10 or 20 billion could be spread to uplift 10,000 people out of poverty. At least temporarily. Or create new jobs for those without jobs. At least temporarily.

Ben is right and wrong at the same time. We shouldn’t deprive people of the opportunity to make as much of a fortune as they can, not because everyone has the same opportunity, they don’t, but because taking from the wealthy will never solve the problem of poverty.

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