Since the world loves everything, how about mobile movies as well? Cinema houses can get so crowded at times and it was really hard to get a seat. Besides, at a mobile house, you always have to be on time and you cannot really express your emotions like crying without getting an odd look. Therefore, we thought to share with you some great mobile movies applications that you can get on your smartphone. That way, if you feel you need a break from the best online casinos in SA or the UK, you can always get a movie to watch, on the go.

Mobile Movies Applications


If you are looking for a great site to watch movies on, try Crackle. His is a great site where you can watch free. Apart from the movies, there are also great full-length series that you can enjoy. Why opt for just movies, when you can get both movies and series. Crackle is available for download Android devices.

Show BOX

Show Box is the Android application to get if you are a fan of online streaming. With this application, users can easily download movies to watch later. They will be stored on the device as offline. Furthermore, users of this application, including the ones who love to play online pokies, can stream with ease from third-party sites. Depending on your device, you can catch your movies in full HD.

Mega Box HD

This is the mini version of Show Box. Mini in the sense that the size of the application is small about 1.8m and will not take up much space in your device. With this application, users can watch their movies in 320p and 720p. Movies can also be downloaded for offline use.

Cinema Box

It is a Cinema in a box, the box being your smartphone that is. Anyways, this is another of the great applications that you can get on your Android device. However, Cinema Box is not available for download on the Play Store; therefore, you need to get it from the website. It has great movies. With this application, it is as if you have your own Box Office in your pocket.

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