I came across MSN Entertainment Expresso’s Best Movies of 2021 and was thinking I’d check it out just to see if I missed anything. Well, I didn’t. And their list, in as few words as possible, sucks. How they came up with that list can only be described as : they interviewed a few middle-aged shut-ins still living in their parents basement watching movies while doing mushrooms. I’ve seen bad lists before but this one takes the cake.

So…I decided to prepare my own list.

To get on my list you don’t have to produce a block-buster box office smash hit, but it helps. After all who doesn’t love the amazing work they are doing with CGI ( computer generated imagery ), big stars, and lots of action. What you do need to get on my list is, entertain me. And I know that I’ve been entertained when one thing happens, just one little thing…I want to watch it again. If I don’t want to watch it again does not necessarily mean I didn’t like it, or I didn’t enjoy it ( although that’s often the case ), it just means it didn’t entertain me to the point that I’d want to buy it and/or watch it more than once. How good the movie is, or rather how entertaining it is, will determine how many times I can watch it before I reach the point I just can’t watch it anymore. Some movies I can watch several times and still be entertained. And that is the only criteria of my list. Now this, of course is not a full list, I do not claim to have watched every movie that was released in 2021, according to statistics 329 movies were released in the US and Canada in 2021, and I assume that number does not include all the movies that went straight to DVD or indie movies that never made it to a big screen theater and certainly does not cover the hundreds released outside of the US and Canada.

The Top 15 Best 2021 Movies, in no specific order, you can Enjoy multiple times over and still be Entertained :

Venom, Let there be Carnage ( October 2021 : $501 Million )

Free Guy ( August 2021 : $331.5 Million )

Nobody ( March 2021 : $16 Million )

Wrath of Man ( May 2021 : $104 Million )

The Suicide Squad ( August 2021 : $167.4 Million )

The Tomorrow War ( July 2021 : $8.1 Million )

Endangered Species ( May 2021 : $46,338 )

Copshop ( September 2021 : $6.7 Million )

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard ( June 2021 : $70.1 Million )

The Gateway ( September 2021 : Basically went straight to DVD )

Don’t Breathe 2 ( August 2021 : $47.2 Million )

Godzilla vs Kong ( March 2021 : $467.8 Million )

Old Henry ( September 2021 : $42,068 )

Dune ( September 2021 : $394.6 Million )

The Little Things ( January 2021 : $29.8 Million )

Only 1 of these could even be considered block-busters by today’s standards ( over $500 million ), only 6 made it to triple digits ( in millions ), 8 barely made their money back, or lost money. But there you have it, my list of the best movies in 2021.

( images courtesy of fortressofsolitude.co.za )

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