While modern games come with keyboard controls and console support for navigating in the 3D world. Classic adventure games were all point-and-click, relying on the mouse along with an array of commands like ”Look” or ”Open”; Here are the best point-and-click adventure games of all time.

Day Of The Tentacle

Depending on different people, adventure can mean a lot of stuff, depending on the love of different stuff. That can include the love for comedies, a story, puzzles, writing, or character. This 1993 game doesn’t have much of a story, though no classic adventure game has managed to encapsulate everything else this well.
With three characters from the present, the past and future worlds working together on different headscratchers, Day of the Tentacle is the ultimate puzzle box. The game has a nice flow and vivid cartoon graphics, making the settings feel larger than just a single house. It would be a great game to enjoy after learning how you can get 50 free spins Thunderstruck No Deposit offer on Lucky Street.

Thimbleweed Park

With deeply nostalgic LucasArts feel, this point-to-click puzzle game has an admirable throw-back control system. Its complex narrative is also complemented by a retro visual style and hilarious dialogue. The game was designed by Gary Winnick alongside Ron Gilbert, and it was unveiled in November 2014 with a Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign, though it’s official release came in March 2017.
Both the gameplay and visual appeal resembles Gilbert’s and Winnick’s previous projects towards of the last century. Thimble Weed also comes from a third-person perspective, with the viewing area occupying the largest part on the screen.

The Silent Age

The Silent Age is a wonderful point-and-click game brought to you by a Danish gaming studio, House on Fire. This game is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Kindle fire, and Windows, with the story focusing on a cleaner who’s tasked with the burden of saving humanity from an upcoming apocalyptic event through time travel.
Initially, the game was released as two episodes, but they were packed together for sale. The game also received positive reviews from different critics after its release. Even better, the simple game’s interface ensures that the player can enjoy everything it has to offer. While playing, you’ll interact with specific objects by placing a cursor over them, and you must be able to solve serious puzzles to go to the next step.

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