You’ve probably wondered who you should follow and where you can find the ones you want to follow…well, it really depends upon your criteria…are you looking for information? What kind of information? Are you looking for people you can talk to? What do you want to talk about?

The sad, but nevertheless, truth of the matter is Twitter is quickly becoming a hot-bed of affiliate links and marketers looking to market their products or services …so if you’re looking to chat it up with someone or bond friendships you really have to dig pretty deep to get through all the crap.

So, we’ve compiled a list of Twitters we have either personally spoke to on Twitter who we find interesting, engaging, friendly, with a good sense of humor, that we feel you must follow if you are looking for people to connect with…or, in some rare cases, Twitters we haven’t spoke to personally but were recommended to be included by others on this list and we checked out their profile, their last 30 posts, their website ( if they have one ) and found that they do qualify by our standards.

These are people who will actually talk with you, engage you, have fun, and are genuinely people you want to and should follow.

This list will be updated occasionally and will be Twitted semi-regularly for your benefit. So view this post periodically to see if more have been added to the list.

Some of these Twitters are sweet, some are funny, some are very engaging, some are interesting, and all of them should be in your following list.


This list now in alphabetical order for easy scanning…and bolding is no indication of importance…simply, if you are on this list you are, in our opinion, the best social Twitters to follow.

Update: we had to group them alphabetically to save room. The page was getting too long.


@actionchick @ajaxdriven @ Amalari @AmericanWomannn @ancoreny @Andyv67 @Angel42579 @animalhouse4384 @annq @Aquarius_Online @ArnaudJacobs @ASEVIDEO @argentbeauquest @AZBlueEyes @Azlen


@Blanquis26 @BlueOcean85 @B140Tweets @brandonwho @brexians @BuddingGenius @Butterose @BuzzEdition


@ces69 @changeisgood1 @CiaoBella50 @cl0wnzee @coreyskort @crhopkins @crusaderz4life-account deceased



@dANGELofLOVE @daijamae @daveym10 @davidschons @ddsnorth @delwilliams @demiwood @didakus @_DINA @DINOWELLS @DrRemy – formerly @Doc_Remy @DonaldHardyCRS @donnajfox @Donnette @DrAnthony @DrJennifer @Dr_Share_D @DustinJMcClure-account deceased @Dropsofreign


@earthXplorer @elephantshoes75 @E140Tweets-account deceased @EpicureanJourny– now @ EpicureanPirana


@FionaVA @fluffydbunny @FredaMooncotch @4_idiots @4saken


@geekgurly @GinaATL @golfnovels @goonerjamie


@Hanginloose-account deceased @HerLadyRavenSky @Hitman1971 @HollytheHousewi @holyxuxa @HUGONATOR @hunnibeez


@iadiedee @ibeatcancrtwice @IMJackSparrow @inklesstales @ironbellgym


@jackalopekid @JaxLicurse @Jersey1127 @jhillstephens @jimbo724 @joycecherrier @joywilder @judyrey @Julia_Kline @JulieMountain @JuniusandMe


@KingQuagmire @keeperofdreams @kellbell68 @kikolani @KimSherrell @KreuzersKorner @krispurplecat


@Ladyalana @LadyParadis @LarisaBelliveau @LC_66 @Leaser_r @LeonardoZ @LL_Thatch @LoriMoreno @Lotay @lovinglifelady


@Marge_Inovera @MarieLancup @MarkRosenbauer @mattsmind @mdouble @MerleChloe @milagro88 @mirzwick @MissBeckala @Mnmissy @modernsinglemom @MelissaAnn519 was formerly @mommyof3_angels @mrrodd @MsGigi152 @MusicIsMySoul3 @mystiquetur


@nansen @njdoc @Nurul54




@PeasandBananas @PeterPek @PHILIPGRANGER @Poage_Photo @PSCoach @purple_froggy


@RadioSRQ @Ramboswife @RealWorldMom @RebeccaSexton @REDBEARDCHIEF @RedPorscheKilla @RickGriffin @rocketman528 @rosehwang


@SallyLeeCandles @santasdevil @sarahndipitous @scarletmandy @sceric77 @sc430girl @ScottATaylor @Scratch5151 formerly @Scratch5150 @xSDOx @SelanneGirl @shannonseek @sharonhayes @ShalondaGordon @SheilafightsEB @ShellyKramer @shoesandbooks @sillycows @snowed_in @stacenator28 @sullen_penguin @SusanCosmos @sweetdreamer


@TamaraSchilling @Tennischick38 @teresadf @terrillwelch @that1gagirl @thehillers @thehulkster @Themelis_Cuiper @TheRealLeo @timbury @tina5b5 @Tomas57 @TreeBanker @TropicsZ4 @twochix1 @tyrelassie


@ vene2ia @verwon


@westham999 @WhimsicalMom @Whitehotmag @williger @wordhealys


@yearning4d_sky @yurple67




If you want to follow TAZ you can here: @TheTAZZone

Now in alphabetical order for easy scanning. At this present time only 186 people have made this list.

Bookmark this page.

If you have people you would like to recommend you can do so by posting a comment. However, they must meet the criteria of being interesting, engaging, friendly, with a good sense of humor …we will check out their profiles…and please no more than 10 in each comment post.

Some accounts have been closed presumably by the account holder, these are marked as account-deceased…I wish them well.


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  1. i love using twitter but not good at tweeting nice stories. i think i still need to learn more .

  2. Warren Ellis; his tweets can be very funny, drole, or just plain interesting. His commentary on the England games during the FIFA World Cup was excellent!

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  5. I should update it more often but I really haven’t spent a lot of time on Twitter lately. For a variety of reasons, mostly because of the technical problems with it.
    I’ll try to find the time to update it again soon.

  6. You really should update more often. 😉 I often have a sense of humor. Some times it needs a nap. I never try to be interesting because that sort of thing tend to be strained, flat and about as engaging as a blue screen. I really don’t want to look at it or see it. Twitter has its good points. follow a couple people on your slightly out-dated list…but they followed me first so I decided to keep them. Truthfully, I don’t actually go to Twitter that often.

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