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Best way to promote a post?

Taken from a post I made on another site, where someone in Radio asked the question:

Best way to promote a post?

Well, for most of us, a lot of time and effort…usually more time and effort than reward.
Seeing as you are attached to Radio I’m assuming you have access to resources that aren’t available to most of the rest of us.

Promoting a single ‘ targeted ‘ post can be a daunting task for someone working with no resources…

you could ‘ twitter ‘ the post…but Twitter messed that up when they eliminated the ‘ all tweets ‘ tab…before everyone online would see it, now only those following you do

you could Digg it…but Digg is such a good ole’ boys club that unless you’re in their clique chances are you’ll never see the front page , and the front page is the only page that matters…
of course, if you know 50-75 people and can gather them together to Digg your post within the first 10 minutes you have a good chance of circumventing the Digg clique and making the front page despite them…

you could utilize the other social networks like StumbleUpon or Reddit …but again unless you’re a regular member who is constantly networking ( who has the time, I don’t ) chances are maybe you’ll get a few hits but they likely won’t add up to much…

you could post promote at a place like BlogCatalog…but chances are you’re not going to fair much better than you would at Reddit…

the fact is unless you know ‘ someone ‘ like a celeb who can pitch it, or someone in the media, it doesn’t matter how great your post or site is, or how much effort you put into it, chances are you’re going to have to utilize every option available to you , no matter how meaningless it may seem, just to get a spattering of people to even read your post.

Of course, there’s always the chance you might get lucky…some people do…but it’s as often as a winning lottery ticket…and just as rare…

“Best way to promote a specific post”

Use every option available to you.

One Response to Best way to promote a post?

  1. Gillean November 3, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    So, what’s the answer? Do everything you have listed? I’m sure you have an answer. Do tell.

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