Been doing a bit of research into what can drive traffic to your weblog. OK, we’re not exactly starving for traffic but we could be doing a lot better. After all, that’s the point of having a site isn’t it? Having people come from all over the World to read it. Unless, of course, it’s just a personal blog to show wedding pictures to friends and family. In those cases it really doesn’t matter.

For most of us though we want traffic…we went through the trouble of buying a domain, purchasing hosting, creating a database, setting up the site, populating it with posts, all for the pleasure of having it come to you, the reader.

Now everyone seems to have their own opinion of how to reach a larger audience. The opinions on the Net are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately the vast majority of those opinions are coming from people who can’t even get their own site in the top 250,000, let alone the top 50,000.

TheTAZZone ( The Mutt ) has consistently, for several years now, been in the top 260,000, sometimes as high as the top 160,000 ( we tend to fluctuate seasonally for some odd reason ). But we do need to take it to the next level. Maybe bring us into the top 120,000. I doubt we’ll ever see the top 100,000 only because we aren’t SEO friendly. We’re not topic-oriented, not single-minded, we’re a mutt breaking standard SEO conventions.

The question is how? How do we take it to the next level? Well, that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. And it’s not an easy question to answer, else everyone would be doing it. If it was easy then we’d all be in the top 100,000…well OK maybe not because we can’t all be, now can we.

We could do what the SEO Gods tell us and revamp the site into a one-topic-one-mindframe mentality. But..No…that would be too boring. People don’t have a single-minded attitude in real life, we are multifaceted, we have opinions on a variety of subjects, we like a variety of different things, we are, for lack of a better definition, mental mutts. Just like TheTAZZone.

One thing I find consistently expressed by a variety of people is the value of controversy. We’ve never been very controversial, about the only thing controversial ever posted on this site was an article by our Editor Butterose on public breastfeeding. That article alone received more comments from outside sources than any post other than the one on Best Twitters to Follow.

So if I were to take that as a perfect example I would have to agree that controversy breeds interest and responses. And maybe that is what we need to get to the next level. Topics that people have very strong views about. We’ll definitely need to look into this.

So stay tuned…because it might get very interesting very soon! πŸ˜‰

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6 thoughts on “Between You, Me, and the SEO Gods”
  1. The Mennonites are big around here, beards, black hats, horse n’ buggy, the whole bit, …well…kinda big πŸ˜€ In a strange way I think they’re right on some level, that we should be living simpler, more down to Earth, lives.
    Can’t say much about the Amish, other than that they and the Quakers are cut from pretty much the same cloth as the Mennonites.
    And I’m not up to speed on American politics, the GOP, and how GOP policy relates to women’s rights or the plight of Amish women.

    But…we could still stir up the pot πŸ˜€

  2. Calm down! πŸ˜€ I was thinking in terms of how Amish women live juxtaposed against the current GOP war on women going on in our states and in Congress. I have Amish neighbors with whom we’ve done business. I know how they live and it’s a hard, harsh life.

  3. “Hmmm, I wonder how β€œcontroversial” the Amish are?:

    YES!!! Let’s stir the Amish pot!!! πŸ˜€ Or we could lump a bunch together, the Amish, Quakers, Mennonites, Mormons, Witnesses, Hare Krishnas, the Moonies, and have a field day! πŸ˜€

  4. Yeah, but you thrive on that kind of thing. It just gives me a headache. I have opinions and am prepared to defend them when it’s not personal. I had gotten used to having my posts ignored here, which was why my rant was posted here and not on my blog. Had I any clue the topic was such a hot issue, I’d have kept that rant unpublished anywhere. It taught me a lesson, so it wasn’t all bad. πŸ™‚

    Hmmm, I wonder how “controversial” the Amish are? πŸ˜€

  5. I remember that one. Got accused of intentionally writing the post just for the controversy. That left a bad taste in my mouth since the post was a rant on my part over something I and my grandson weren’t comfortable with. If that’s what I have to do to get comments, I’ll pass. πŸ™

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