Sometimes many of my posts focus on the issues facing Bloggers. More than likely that’s because there’s a lot of Bloggers out there who are in dire need of assistance. In this great big World we call the Internet, in that vast sea of mediocrity, there are some beautiful Bloggers who fly just under everyone’s radar. They swim in obscurity, so deep in that Abyss that they are never found but by the very few.

Raindrops Make Things Beautiful 2 is a perfect example of a well-written blog, covering interesting social commentary, that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The owner of this blog also happens to be our Editor, but that really isn’t an influence in my opinion, because I checked out her original blog long before she started to participate here. Just like I check out the blogs of all our contributors before even considering inviting them to participate on TAZ.

Having a well-known blog doesn’t mean it’s a good blog…and having a blog deep in rankings doesn’t mean it’s a bad blog. Sometimes people just have advantages that may not be available to other people. Like deep pockets, influential friends, unlimited amount of time, etc…

Obviously, if you’re ( for instance ) a lawyer, you can throw big bucks into advertising your law site. Most Bloggers just don’t have that kind of cash to invest. Maybe you know a celebrity that can mention your site’s name ( that’s what Oprah did for Twitter ) and take your site into instant popularity. Again most Bloggers don’t know a famous talk show host, or rock group, or movie star, to promote their site.

Most of us have to do it the old-fashioned way. A lot of elbow-grease, with little or no cash flow. And yes, that can be very frustrating at times. Pouring your heart and soul into your site just to gain those precious inches while watching others skip through in leaps and bounds with seemingly effortlessness.

I try to give other Bloggers the best advice I can. And the best advice is always finding sites that can help you. If you try to do it on your own, with no money, and no celebrity to help you out, chances are your blog will never see the light of day. And it really doesn’t matter how good your content is…if no one sees it. You need to find sites that can help you.

Participating on sites that have more traffic than you do helps to expose your work to a greater audience. And if a reader likes what he/she is reading they will be more inclined to naturally follow the link in your bio to read more. And fortunately there’s a lot of community-type sites out there for beleaguered Bloggers looking for that helping hand. TheTAZZone is just one of them.

Yes, directories help, links help, SEO helps, word-of-mouth helps, all these things and more help, but…there is nothing that will help you more than to participate on and write great interesting articles on sites that can give you more exposure, and drive readers to your site to check out more interesting articles by you. The more interesting your articles are, the more inclined people will be to follow the links to your site.

So find sites that can help you. And whether it’s TheTAZZone, or some other community-type site, write articles that will capture an audience.  One amazing article that encourages people to want to check you out will produce greater results and take less time than 100 mediocre articles.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out.

    Before he closed the site I had made it into the top 10 bloggers on Blogstream. Even though there were only 30,000 accounts or so, I thought it an honor. Other larger sites don’t have the community feel to them, and that’s where the traffic and the comments tend to reduce for bloggers like myself.

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