I frequent a place that caters to Bloggers…lots of Bloggers. And over time I have read many threads and even more posts regarding Bloggers looking for traffic, or how to get traffic, or how other people manage to get traffic…etc…

most of them only get a few dozen or less hits a day. Some of them have very good or interesting blogs…but have virtually no traffic to speak of.

And, for the most part…quite honestly…it’s their own fault.

It’s not completely their own fault, the Internet is very large, with over 180 million distinct websitesblogs…that’s a lot of competition to get visitors/readers to your site. If you manage to even break the one million rank on a place like Alexa you’re doing better than 179 million other sites.

So the Internet is ferociously competitive…and there’s always sites lining up to knock you back a few notches so they can jump up ahead of you. So one day you might be listed at 398,000 and the next day 1000 sites may have jumped in front and knocked you back to 399,000.

So, it’s not completely the fault of these Bloggers that they are lacking traffic. But it is their fault in regard to procrastination…and in some cases indifference…you present them with an opportunity to get more traffic and they do nothing about it. They sit around as if they’re expecting a tree fairy to come whisking by with a magical bag of visitors.

They let opportunities slip through their fingers constantly.

And next year most of them , no matter how good ( or bad ) their blog is, will be right where they are now…with no change from the 25 visitors a day they had last year.

The fact is there are lots of ways to increase one’s site traffic…and most of them only take a few minutes of your time…will your site go from 25 visitors a month to getting 100’s of thousands of visitors a month, probably not….most likely not…

but you can double that 25, triple it, quadruple it…etc…

you just have to get off your ass and take advantage of the opportunities you’re presented with. Instead of sitting around complaining about terrible visitor stats and doing nothing about it.

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Former Freehand Freelance Graphic Illustrator... been online since 2004 ( late starter ), blogging since 2005, presently writing a suspense-thriller e-book that began as a screenplay.

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  2. I’m with Ladygood when it comes to my expertise on blogging mechanics. I’ve got next to zero. That’s slowly changing, through great tutorial suggestions from folks like TimeThief and a lot of plain old work. I surf the blog discussion boards, too, and enjoy participating in some of the more ‘entertaining’ threads when I need to blow off steam. But when I need a great resource for my blogging questions/problems? The boards are great for that, too. As for generating traffic and increasing my readership, I love it when a fellow blogger writes a comment on my site and generates traffic based on a forum post. What I REALLY LOVE is when an individual from my target market comments. That can only come from marketing outside the blogger-buddy realm. It’s harder to do, but the results are much more satisfying.

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  4. Hey, Doug…well, I didn’t say in this post what those ‘ opportunities ‘ are because I’ve said it before in other posts, and I didn’t want this specific post to be about ‘ how to increase your traffic ‘ but why people complain about having little to no traffic and do nothing but complain about it when they are given the opportunity to increase their traffic.

    Essentially this post serves as a ‘ wake up call ‘ to the few who will go ‘ ya, OK, I get ya ‘ , and next time an opportunity comes along they may actually act upon it.

  5. You didn’t exactly say what these “opportunities” are. So, basically, you are just bitching about the fact that people bitch about getting no traffic. Ok. I can live with that.

  6. How are you?

    It’s of no consequence to me whether other bloggers have the desire or motivation to want to make improvements to their blog or even become knowledgeable in the process. Fortunately for people like myself and Timethief there are still very many of those who do.

    I, for one, care little about the social threads within this “mystery blog forum” you speak of. Those who partake can basque in it like pigs in mud.

    My participation is solely based to market and promote my blog (or blogs). Thus, most of my threads center around SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Making Money Blogging. All of which have little do with the basquing little pigs in the social threads! … Or the others who spend their day bashing those who “blog about blogging” or “blog about making money blogging”.

    Jeffrey Baril
    “Determined to make you a better blogger!”

  7. Indifference – yeah, I probably fit into that category when it comes to blogging. What I provide, I provide for free. If people want it, they can have it, if they don’t, they don’t. On some of my main blogs (two not currently on BC) I write or tutor for specific people (for instance one of my blogs contains tutorials written for my daughter in response to “how do I” questions that she asks me), and those people make use of what I provide, so I’m satisfied with that. It’s not a large number, but then I’m not counting on viewers or readers for any income, either.

    Indifference is only a bad thing if you desire more that what you’ve got. There’s something to be said for satisfaction though 🙂

  8. But it’s not quite the same situation for you nothingprofound because you’re retired, and when most people retire they want to keep busy but in a very relaxed kind of way. 😉

  9. I’m certainly guilty of doing nil, in terms of SEO savvy, to promote my blog. I have a pretty decent following here at BC,and frankly that contents me. I do reach out somewhat to members here, but my efforts never extend beyond that. I’m terribly lazy and unambitious, and really don’t wish to spend too much of my time writing or blogging. I like just hanging out and doing nothing much more. Now, if someone volunteered to promote my blog, without me lifting a finger, I would not be averse to it.

  10. Hi. This is an interesting article and i also like TiTis response. For my own part, blogging is a huge learning curve. My sites look okay, I don’t do ads and my content i believe is well written and original. I get around 10 – 20 comments per post on one of my blogs and less on the others. So my comment to visit ratio is high.

    However, although i would love to increase my traffic, almost every article, tutorial, piece of advice I have read is beyond my current knowledge base. I am not a stupid person, but I am someone who grew up in a world before computers, went to University before computers and every single thing i do on a computer is a trial and error, and lots of swear words event.
    There are many people like me who become disabled by the jargon and easily feel intimidated when I read discussion threads full of terminology I don’t understand. So what am i doing about it? I am learning. I copy the advice into a document and print it out. i then sit and read it, highlight the bits i don’t understand and go off and find information on that. So I am on a learning curve.
    I know I have to learn about SEO optimization and I now understand a little bit about how search engines work and i am using a keyword optimization tool from a link that Timetheif gave me – thank you. I ask questions about how to do things and people are kind enough to respond. But please don’t make the blanket assumption that all bloggers whinge and procrastinate – many are like me, genuine people, silver surfers who are doing their best to keep up and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to learn a language and a media that is quite alien to us. I remind myself that i write my blogs for fun and as a way of meeting people i can engage with some of whom will become real friends. It is important that i don’t qualify ‘success’ purely in terms of visitor numbers. Success for me was the day i learned to add my own photographs to my blog – it’s all relative! Smiles.

  11. Building a website or blog is only part of the process. Getting traffic which is the lifeline of every blogs is the difficult part. The task of building traffics is a daunting task not as simple as what some SEO gurus said. It requires time, devotion and dedication.

  12. Ummm, YEP! Partly that and I really didn’t know what blogging was all about, I just did it. By the time I did figure it out, I was too comfortable to change my position on it. I do it for fun, people visit and comment, I’m happy. Lately I haven’t had much time. Staff changes at the company I work for has caused me to have to work more. Dammit! 😀

  13. I get 1200 + unique visitors a month, and I do absolutely nothing to draw traffic. Never did, except on the music posts I do now and again, those were mostly because of the Twitter friends I have that like them but haven’t much time to read around.
    I’m a hobby blogger, not wishing to be a pro, so I have a niche that is comfortable to me. I enjoy myself and that’s what I wanted from a blog.

  14. I witness the same thing perhaps even on the same forum and I share the same opinion based on my observations. The so-called blogging forum I refer to is one where the blogging related threads are a minority of the threads on the board. The majority of the threads are social threads featuring adults who appear to be posting twaddle because they are bored and blogging is the last thing on their mind. Many threads feature evidence of tag team trolling strafe runs by bloggers and their sock poppets, who haven’t posted to their blogs for months and in some cases for years.

    One can lead a blogger to a list of truly excellent articles describing what to do to increase organic (unpaid) traffic, backed by step-by-step tutorials explaining how to do it. What I witness is that few will read the articles, and fewer still will actually invest the time and energy into doing what’s required to increase the flow of organic (unpaid) traffic to their blog sites.

    It takes gall to bitch about not receiving any traffic when you are doing sweet muck all to attract it. Yet there are lots of bloggers who I witness doing this, and/or begging for someone to perform an in-depth “review” their blog sites free of charge. On too many occasions to count I invested my own time and energy into critiquing blog sites ,and providing solid actionable recommendations for improvement . I saw zero change in the blogs. Consequently, I no longer consider any so-called blogger, who spends hours every day or almost every day bullshitting in “social” threads to be worth investing my time into.

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