The latest Bravenet update involves ” a brand new Account Overview page ” which ” contains all of the same information as the old one, but we just tried to make it easier for you to use “…

in layman’s terms what they are really saying is:

we want our members to take it up the ass again because we want more revenue…so we redesigned your account pages so we can squeeze more AD revenue out of them.. We really don’t give a flying f_ck if you did PAY for your hosting which is supposed to be AD-Free…we didn’t specify that your account pages would also be AD-Free…so f_ck you.

Thank-you for using Bravenet and have a nice day!

It seems that every time Bravenet ‘ upgrades it’s PAID member account pages Host Monster – Web hosting becomes more and more a viable and preferable choice to consider.

I fully expect that one day in the not so distant future to log on to my accounts and have to wade through the myriad of ADs that Bravenet has put there to attack my senses.

I don’t give a crap about a free trial of Site pal…I don’t want your freaking toolbar…I don’t want to promote your hosting…I don’t want you to tell me what’s new with a banner AD ( that’s what newsletters are for )…

I want to be able to access my AD-Free PAID accounts without being hassled by your constant stream of advertisements.

If I want to know about your services…if I want to add a feature…I will go to your ‘ resources ‘ page…I don’t want to wade through that shit on the account pages.

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