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Well BF2 is probably one of the most popular MMOFPS games in its genre, and truth be told one of the most buggered up (thanks EA!!).

But of course we all want to get the win and points to advance through rank and unlock weapons and to look cool 8)

The aim of this brief tutorial is to provide some basic tactics to keep your K/D ratio down and your points up:


The main sort of squad I operate under is a 2 man squad. This part covers any size. Squads work best when you play with people you know as they will more likely work with you and listen to the leader.

Now at least 1 person in the squad should be a medic. Reason? Well the medic can revive the other members and heal them as well as heal themselves. Generally Squad Leader should not be medic as this allows your medic to spawn on you and is slightly better tactics wise. The recommended gun for any medic is the L85A1. Its scope is good, and both on single shot and automatic it packs good punch. Only use automatic in bursts at medium range and flat out at point blank. Single shot on scope works best on long range.

The Squad Leader can choose any kit he wishes. I generally go as a Spec Ops and once you unlock the Scar-L then you will be pretty well kitted out as I feel it packs a tad more punch than the G36C and the M4.

Of course the best squads carry a mix of personelle in it. Of course 2 or 3 men limits your combinations.

However with a full 6 man squad I would probably go with the following line out:

-2 Spec Ops (for blowing shit up such as tanks, artillery)
-Assault (the underslung grenade launcher can be used to good effect for removing a sniper or group of soldiers)
-Support (can provide suppressing fire especially with a PKM, and can top up other player’s ammo)
-2 Medics (to heal and revive comrades. Using 2 medics means if one dies the other can get them back in the action and also helps keep K/D ratios down on the medic side)

The main trick with squads is to use a good leader who can get the UAV on crucial areas needed to pick out enemies and has respect from the squad members. Further more use cover for the whole squad. Don’t all leg it through the open. If you go 50/50 then 1 half provides covering fire till the 2nd lot reach their objective and can provide cover for you. Walls and corners make effective cover to hide a squad behind while you leader scouts at the area.

Offensive or Defensive?

With the aggression of the squad you need to determine which works best for your squad. I personally am of the view Offensive is better. An aggressive 2 man squad can easily storm and capture a CP in my experience. I believe that people struggle to cope with a group that is pushing forwards and activly hunting them down as it forces them to go defensive and can cause confidence to drop.

However if you are defending a CP offense works just as well here as capturing. Waiting for the enemy to come to you gives them more time to plan their attack. If you start going after them, they have less time to plan what to do and they become easier to pick off.

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