I’m a big fan of these scare pranks you see on YouTube. Most are hilarious. Whether it’s someone disguised as a bush, a carrot, a snowman, a pile of garbage, or whatever else, the prank and the reactions are extremely entertaining, in my opinion. Personally, the reactions of dogs, who accidentally get caught up in the scare, are the funniest. And most people who do get scared take it very well, laughing at their own reaction. The only problem is, some of these pranksters are morons.

Morons in respect to identifying, and delivering, their prank in a safe and considerate fashion. Without mentioning them by name ( you will know who I am referring to if you watch these pranksters ) some scare people within a few feet ( even as few as 2 feet ) from a curb, a barbed wired fence, a telephone pole, a bike rack, pot holes, a busy street, etc. As if they have no concern for the safety of the people they’re scaring.

These photos are of a prankster that is not one of those previously mentioned. This prankster scares people in as safe of an environment as you can get. And still people get injured. I was actually surprised that this wasn’t edited out by the prankster, because the woman who was injured could probably use this as evidence in a civil law suit. Makes you think about how many people do get injured and we never see it. Now I don’t fault this prankster because, as I said, he provides as safe an environment as anyone could, but it illustrates how irresponsible those are who do not provide that safe environment. If someone can become injured just walking down the street, imagine the same person getting scared in front of a pot hole or a barbed wired fence.

Here she jumped and twisted her ankle, and, in the video, was clearly having a difficult time walking afterwards.

As much as I enjoy these videos I do not enjoy people getting injured or the complete lack of concern some of these pranksters have for the safety of their victims. It would be interesting to know how many people do get injured, and why YouTube allows these pranksters, who do not provide a safe place, to benefit from unsafe practices.

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