Ever have a file you can’t delete because the folder path or file name, or both, are too long? I think everyone has come across this problem at one time or another. And no matter what you do it won’t let you rename the file?

And there’s all kinds of suggestions out there on the Net on how to deal with this problem, but none of them are simple and easy. Well I have a simple and easy solution for you. After spending, or should I say wasting, a chunk of time scouring the Net finding and implementing different solutions, and then trying different solutions of my own, and almost buggering up my computer in the process causing me to do a system restore, I found the solution. And had I known this before it would have saved me a major headache.

So…to avoid the headache I went through:

If you don’t have 7Zip…get it! Not only will it solve this problem it’s also a very good zip file utility that I’ve been using for years. And it’s FREE!

Don’t try to delete the file or folder right away.

Go to the folder or file in question ( in 7Zip ) and rename it. Giving it a very short name. Yes, you can rename it here. I know, because I just did it.

Then you can put that nasty file or folder in the recycle bin and get rid of it.

Hopefully you’ll read this first, if you have this problem, and save yourself both the time and the anguish.

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  1. Hi

    My nasty file didn’t even want to be zipped, any suggestions?

    Did you have to adjust 7zip settings before it allowed you?


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