Just finished watching an episode of CBC Marketplace ( aired today at 8:00am EST ) that took Carfax and their reports to task over their claim that they are comprehensive reports detailing a vehicles history.

They took four vehicles from two different dealers that came back with clean Carfax reports…all four vehicles had unreported accidents or frame damage…despite the dealers insistence that the Carfax report was all-inclusive.

Both dealerships reversed their stance once they were confronted with the new information. One claiming he never said the Carfax report was accurate, when clearly he did when they showed the earlier clip.

One vehicle had extensive frame damage to the tune of over $2100.00

Marketplace managed, some way, to convince the dealer to pony-up the dough. Likely to save his butt, or at least alleviate some of the damage to his reputation.

So…what does Carfax have to say about this…at first they were chatting up all the positives, but when confronted with their inaccurate reports the excuses came fast and furious…claiming their information was only as good as the information reported to them…even though an un-named competitor had the information on those vehicles, some of which was several months old.

When confronted about the several suits pending against Carfax the spokesman continued to smile and say, repeatedly, that he cannot comment on pending legal matters.

What this boils down to is you’re about as well off believing Carfax as you are the dealership itself…you take your chances either way.

Wish I could tell you what source they used that they referred to as Carfax’s competitor…which did have all the information that Carfax’s report missed or left out…but they either never said it or I missed it.

The old adage applies here…when dealing with a dealer or with a Carfax report…it’s buyer beware.


On a lesser but still noteworthy note…

Seems the words Product of Canada doesn’t mean very much…on a sampling of Loblaws no-name and Highliner the product isn’t Canadian at all…but originates from Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, etc…

apparently there was no regulations that required products marked Product of Canada to actually be Canadian.

The new regulations are just as vague and misleading, as Marketplace revealed…

the moral of this story is …Product of Canada and buy Canadian…means about as much as a Carfax report.

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