I was watching a popular fishing show just a few hours ago.

And just had to say something. I love fishing as much as anyone. Haven’t actually been fishing for many years but when I did fish it was both fun and relaxing. But I never really did get sport fishing ( or sport hunting ), which was what this show was about ( catch and release ). Sure fishing is fun, but these guys were way too excited over catching a fish. Fish aren’t very bright, put something tasty on a hook, toss it in the water, and you’ll catch a fish. You can have an IQ of 60 and catch a fish, you don’t need a degree in aquaculture. By the way these guys were behaving you’d swear they just caught a shark with a ten pound line.

Just struck me as very odd that these guys were having so much fun without even the benefit of eating their catch. And speaking of catch and release fishing ( hunting ), what exactly is the point to it? Stab a fish with a sharp hook then toss it back into the water. Torture for fun. How about we apply this mentality to squirrels? Throw sharp spears ( or arrows ), which are attached to a string, at squirrels then pull it out, and let them go on their way.

The whole concept of sport fishing ( hunting ) is moronic. If you’re going to stab a fish with a hook then at least have the decency to eat it. At least then the stabbing has a purpose. Only man, in his infinite stupidity, could consider torture for fun a sport.

Even if fish ( and animals ) don’t share our range of emotions, they must, as living creatures, feel something. At even the most basic level they likely feel both pain and fear. If for no other reason than to protect them from predators. I would suggest that bird hunters apply the same mentality as sport fishermen. And create a sport version of bird hunting. Whereby they shoot the bird then remove the offending bullet, and send the bird on it’s way.

Sometimes I wonder who the unintelligent species is. As man is more capable of stupidity than any other creature on Earth. Sport fishing being just one of many examples.

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