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TheTAZZone now on Facebook

TheTAZZone now on Facebook

OK OK I succumbed! After holding out I finally gave up the ghost and joined Facebook. Not that I had anything particularly against Facebook, I just felt it would consume far too much of my already very limited time. Still trying to figure out the ropes, and welcome any advice anyone wants to share that […]

Video Player has been Fixed

With the gracious help of Ethan LongTail at LongTail Video our player is now working again! Thanks Ethan!

Where Internet Chaos becomes an Art Form

Crusading against conventional thinking Well I guess I should start from the beginning, or at least give a brief lead-in. When I first entered the amazing World of the Internet I immediately went to join up at computer help forums, as they seemed to be, in my mind, the best place to teach the ins […]

I Wub Sports..but I don’t Wub them all the Same

As a Canadian, and as someone who likes a fast-paced action-packed game, I gotta say I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sport of Hockey. And very few sports, if any, translate well to virtually any media like Hockey does. I remember listening to Hockey Night in Canada on CBC Radio when I was […]

Should TAZ create an e-Book???

Should TAZ create an e-Book???

Been thinking about creating an e-Book about ‘ art ‘…more specifically about my days as a Freelance Freehand Graphic Illustrator. Now, for those not too familiar with what that is/was…A Freelance Freehand Graphic Illustrator was someone who drew illustrations by hand, my personal medium was pencil,  ink and watercolor, and were hired by different companies […]

For New Members

OK, you’re signed up, now what? 😀 Well, same as you would on your own site, make an occasional post ( once a week, a month ) about something that interests you, pisses you off, whatever. If you can try to keep most of it to existing topics ( tech, music, photoshop, games, twitter, random […]

Registration: New TAZ Members

Update October 18th, 2010: We are now looking for 5 or 6 new regular or semi-regular contributors who would like to be a part of our TAZ Family. The benefits of joining TAZ is being able to expose yourself to a new or larger audience than you may be presently experiencing. If you would like […]

Here’s your opportunity to Rate the TAZ website

Rate the TAZ website We like feedback, so whether you love us, hate us, or just don’t care either way…we want to know. There’s no wrong answer and the questions are in no specific order. So…here’s your opportunity to Rate the TAZ website absolutely lub ya’syer spankiliciousI wanna wub ya, n’ hold, ya, n’ squeeze […]

Authors Info

Authors Info

For when I roll out the new TAZ in about February!   First off I back-dated this post two years so it doesn’t end up on the front page or in recent searches/archives. So, if the date seems way off, it’s because it is. 😉 AUTHORS INFO Information you might find useful on the new […]


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