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The Fox

The Fox

The Fox The Fox is a game where you are the Fox and you need to get to the end of the game while picking up things along the way. Play The Fox

The Commuter 2018

The Commuter 2018

How could anyone not like Liam Neeson. He’s one of those rare actors that you know, no matter what movie he’s in, you’re going to enjoy it. And there’s only a handful of them left.  Samuel L. Jackson, and more recently Dwayne Johnson, are two more of these kinds of actors. I’ve never bought a […]

Wonder Woman left Wondering

Wonder Woman left Wondering

Now, granted, the title is a little misleading because this article is not just about the movie Wonder Woman, or even mostly about it, but rather about the 2017 crop of disappointments we’ve had so far this year. And what a crop of disappointments we have had. I always take what the critics say with […]

Challenging the Holidays

Especially during the holiday season, those that have left us come to mind. Their presence is missed in a tangible way. Whether they departed years, months or days ago, it makes very little difference. They’ll come to mind when you see something you’d like to share but stop short when you realize they aren’t there […]

The Passing of an Art Form and Communication

I have grandchildren that are 13, 11, 7 and nearly 2 years old. Since school has started again, we have had fun writing notes back and forth to each other. There is great pleasure in getting letters in the mail, on both sides. Technology has brought this past time to near extinction. That one fact […]

Mellow Mood

Some days you hear a song or two and your mind goes back through time. It is amazing what music will bring to mind. I started out on one of those journeys back in time today. I think it is a good thing to do on occasion. Remembering where you were, who you were with, […]

So … Is This A Test?!?!

Be careful what you ask for! I won’t go into details here but I would like to stress the fact that when I ask for something, I believe I make it crystal clear what I’m looking for. I imagine all of us feel that way, so I am normal in that. However, once I receive […]

Where Has Common Courtesy Gone?

Where Has Common Courtesy Gone?

I notice every day that more and more of the common courtesies are going by the wayside. It used to be the norm for people to hold doors for others. If you received a surprise gift in the mail, you would acknowledge it to the sender in some way. If you were in line at […]

Attitude Determines Altitude … Don’t Waste Your Time

I am sure most of you have heard this, in one form or another. The basic meaning to me is that if I have a bad attitude I will have a bad day. Is this Karma? No, I do not believe so. I believe that if I look for the bad that is all that […]

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