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Let yourself SHINE

Let yourself SHINE

There are people who exist, they just are, you know them, you might even have talked to them, you might even know them intimately….and then…there are people who shine, stand out, without even meaning to, because they are real, purposeful, and make a difference. There’s lots of the former, and there’s lots of the latter […]

Dark Base RTS

Dark Base RTS

Just finished playing this game, again. I won of course, got through all the levels with only a few hiccups along the way. The best way to beat this game is to 1. protect your base then 2. send out scouting parties to find more resources then 3. send a small patrol to guard those […]

Ben Shapiro and the Wealthy

Ben Shapiro and the Wealthy

I don’t disagree with anything he says, however……he is missing 1 very important factor ( or maybe intentionally avoiding it ) and that is that wealth/power in society is a pyramid. It does not matter if you do everything the right way, it doesn’t matter how much or how smart you work, the fact is […]

Adjusting to the new IT Director

Well the week goes by and everyone seems to be adjusting to the new IT Director. Understanding that sending me an email or calling my office phone gets the same response one expected when I was the lonely System Administrator. I must say that some people get big headed and what not when they reach […]

Sure as the sun rises…

Sure as the sun rises, I get to work Monday morning and there are 10 voice mail messages from the front desk. Lynnette, my ever so skilled TIER I helper – now secretary, gives me one of those “You fucking bastard” looks as she enters my office. “Mr. Morgan, the receptionist called and said that […]

Windows Trick

OK Everyone stay tuned. Anyone that wants to be featured as my apprentice please PM me and let me know if you want me to use your real name or screen name. Here’s a windows trick for the lusers that keep complaining that every time they do anything the get an error. not enough system […]

The Bastard SysAdmin Episode II, Chapter I

Well for those of you, who have been following my return; let me give you a quick update. After the fiasco a few months back with the unauthorized software install, video clips that put worlds funniest to shame and the introduction of fresh food and Julie to my humble yet bastardized existence, I am now […]

The Bastard SysAdmin Returns Part III

Monday morning, zero dark thirty. The weekend is still kind of a blur. I remember something about either dropping my PDA into my beer glass while taking a leek, or maybe peeing in my beer glass while flushing my PDA down the toilet. I open my eyes completely and realize that I am at home, […]

Saturday Morning

0600 Saturday morning and I get back to my house, walk into my living room, and turn on my Sharp 65″ AQUOS LCD HDTV, (Model LC65D90U). Crank Surround Sound and pop in Space Balls the movie. Something about going straight to ludicrous speed always cracks me up. I pop downstairs to the basement and log […]

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