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Confessions Of An Internet Junkie

I lived for half a century without ever knowing how to use a computer. Didn’t have a clue what I was missing so I didn’t miss it. I was perfectly happy letting technology pass me by. I was content to do nothing with my dining room table except clean it and use it to dine […]

Can Wii get fit?

Instead of Mario Cart or a golf sim, I get to jump up and down on an over-priced piece of plastic

The Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

The Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair

In 1999, youngest step-son started making “you really need a computer” noises. My husband’s business records were being kept, the ledger was accurate, he never was overdrawn at the bank. Customer receipts were filed in the filing cabinet. At least the ones he didn’t lose between the truck and the house were. The filing cabinet […]

Welcome To Twitter Support…FAIL

Welcome To Twitter Support…FAIL

Nothing like starting off this beautiful Sunday morning with a Twitter rant. I don’t expect much by way of amenities from a free service, but I would at least like the ones we have plus the ones they force on us to work the way they’re supposed to. Barring that, and believe me there’s a […]

If You Won’t Take Care of Your Children, Just Don’t Have Them

In the news yesterday there were two items that caught my attention and not in a good way. One was a local report of a man, in his 30’s, arrested for stalking a 9 year old child in Myspace. The other was the story of a 7 year old Russian adoptee that was sent back […]

Be Careful What You Ask For

Yesterday in Twitter, someone started a conversation about the unfairness of paying property tax. He doesn’t think he should pay property tax because he has a well and a septic system therefore he doesn’t see that he benefits in any way. I don’t know about the state he lives in but in New York State […]

What Real Family Values Can Accomplish

Four thousand people helped build a home for the Beach family of Kemah, Texas. This had to be one of the best Extreme Makeover Home Edition programs that I’ve had the good fortune to watch. Seven days and seven nights of hard work on behalf of one of the most deserving families ever featured on […]

Lately It’s Memorex

Lately I’m not spending much time in Twitter. Far too much name calling, politics, inspirational quotes, blips, and links to tech news that everyone and their brother MUST RT. For me, Twitter used to be a big cocktail party where I could find something I’m interested in and then have a conversation with that person […]

A Weekend with the Bastard SysAdmin

Part 1 Ah more email from corporate H.R. guy… ———————————————————————————————————— RE: Company Weekend Suggestions. So what does anyone want to do for the company outing this spring? All comments and suggestions will be considered. Please note that at this time hourly employees are not being polled for input. The executive committee has determined that directors […]


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